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Master The Skills of Video Chat Etiquette and be Successful

by Insights In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, companies of all sizes have instituted work from home policies. Because of this, employees must use videoconferencing software, like Skype or Zoom, to stay in contact with managers and coworkers. If you are looking for talented candidates, expect your next interview to be conducted in a […]

Scared to Store Data in the Cloud? Here are Three Cloud Myths Debunked

By Insights The Cloud remains one of the most significant technological innovations of the last decade. Companies continue to leverage “as a Service” solutions to transfer some or all of their technical infrastructure to Cloud-based service providers. Even consumers use the Cloud to back up vital data, including photos and other media.    But is it safe? If […]

Is Your Company Resisting Technological Changes?

By Insights In the modern economy, nearly all businesses rely on technology as a significant part of their operations. Of course, newer disruptive tech innovations offer a competitive advantage to those companies able to embrace the change. Those organizations resistant or unable to adopt new technologies run the risk of being left behind.  If your […]

Is Your Company Geared to Prevent Cyber Attacks?

By Insights Hardly a day goes by without a hacking incident appearing on the evening news. With the exponential growth of eCommerce, social media, and online banking, cybercriminals enjoy a copious number of easy targets. Businesses aren’t immune to the scourge of cybercrime, as hackers regularly infect corporate networks with malware, or worse yet, ransomware.    […]

Unpacking Your Website Strategy

Austin Schultz, Business Development Associate 636.534.5741 | Unpacking Your Website Strategy There is one word that I often hear in meetings about developing websites that always sticks out to me because it is the same word that I saw embodied by my Air Force father growing up: Strategy. Let me tell you, when your […]

So You Want to Be a DevOps Engineer? Here’s What You Need to Know.

So You Want to Be a DevOps Engineer? Here’s What You Need to Know. As software development and technology companies hope to improve their efficiency, the DevOps methodology grows in popularity. It focuses on meaningful collaboration and automated tools to streamline the software engineering process. Organizations are able to boost their productivity level and subsequently […]

4 St. Louis Tech Events You Can’t Miss This Spring

4 St. Louis Tech Events You Can’t Miss This Spring   Growing a robust professional network and learning new and innovative technologies remain two vital parts to any successful tech career. Attending a few tech conferences each year provides a great opportunity to do both in one fell swoop. Consider presenting at a tech event […]

2019 Best of Staffing Winner

TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS WINS CLEARLYRATED’S 2019 BEST OF STAFFING® CLIENT AND TALENT DIAMOND AWARDS St. Louis, February 11, 2019:  Technology Partners, a nationally certified women-owned IT solutions and staffing agency, announced today that they have earned ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Diamond Awards after winning the Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards at least […]

Leading Smart Cities Takes Purpose

David Alexander, Community Engagement Manager 636.590.5992 | Leading Smart Cities Takes Purpose I had the privilege and opportunity to attend Construction Forum STL, and it really opened my eyes to how having the right mindset can affect the future of cities in the United States. I’m David Alexander, the Community Engagement Manager at Technology […]

Is Your Website Getting Old?

Is Your Website Getting Old? Michelle Taylor, Business Development Executive 636-590-5979 | No matter when you launch your shiny new website, at some point it’s going to become dated. Whenever I talk with my web development team about a current client’s website, they 9 times out of 10 tell me right away the year […]