Establishing a Professional Online Presence for Your 2019 Job Search

Establishing a Professional Online Presence for Your Job Search

Searching for your next technology job now requires a multichannel approach. Social media increasingly plays a massive role in procuring a great position. Recruiters look for candidates online and peruse social networks to see if they make a good fit for their clients’ office culture.

Because of the modern IT job market, cultivating a professional online presence is a must. Sure, LinkedIn obviously matters, but other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, also influence whether you end up in the job of your dreams. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Remember to Keep Your Social Media Activity Professional

Even if you keep your LinkedIn account above board, a recruiter is likely going to explore your other social media accounts. So that photo from a college keg party a few years ago doesn’t offer the best look to a potential employer. Make it a point to scrutinize your social media accounts for any content that’s less than professional.

Additionally, understand the security settings of each social network. Twitter is essentially an open book unless you take your account private. Facebook, on the other hand, gives you more options to filter content based on friends and family.

Pay Attention to Spelling and Grammar

Even after removing or filtering unprofessional social media content, make it a point to review your accounts for spelling and grammar. Companies want to hire tech candidates who are able to express themselves in an intelligent manner. This especially holds true with your LinkedIn profile.

Building Your Online Brand as a Technology Professional

Becoming active on the LinkedIn Groups and other online communities related to your technology profession is a must. This helps you build a professional network to help with career advice or even a job lead when needed. Take things one step further by creating your own blog and writing articles about the tech topics that interest you.

If you are skilled in art and design, consider developing a logo and other related graphics as part of your online brand, especially if you create your own blog. At a minimum, a coordinated color scheme makes everything look professional. When combined with great content, you are on your way to becoming a technology thought leader.

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