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Building and maintaining customer and client relationships remains a critical task for any modern business. Taking a proactive approach to customer management ultimately plays a key role in those organizations’ success. In the end, it becomes a strong competitive differentiator between the leaders and the also-rans in the business world. 

This need for quality client management is the major reason why CRM applications remain popular in multiple industry sectors. At Technology Partners, we provide our clients with a variety of production-ready CRM solutions to help them succeed. Let’s take a look at some of the top CRM solutions and the services they offer to our clients.  

Salesforce Remains a Leader in CRM Application Suites  

We are searching for a full-featured CRM application suite, look no further than Salesforce. Expect a state-of-the-art platform with support for cloud-based applications covering sales, marketing, and other services. Note that Technology Partners provides our clients with Salesforce solutions, including customization and support. 

Recent enhancements to Salesforce include AI-powered functionality, known as Salesforce Einstein. It provides users with a predictive customer management experience. Salesforce Lightning also lets users quickly craft apps to improve their productivity, providing clients with superior support. 

Oracle CRM Solution Options  

Technology Partners also boasts significant Oracle experience, being the Midwest’s only Women-owned Oracle Platinum Partner. The Oracle CRM solution offers a host of functionality supporting marketing, sales, customer service, social media, and more. Oracle-powered supply chain solutions also allow companies to boost their efficiency. 

A CRM solution hosted in the Oracle Cloud gives remote workers access to company applications and data. Seamless scalability ensures high performance as your company continues to grow. The Oracle platform also supports the easy integration of an organization’s existing software solutions. 

The SAP ERP Also Supports CRM Functionality  

SAP provides large businesses and enterprises with a software suite to manage their entire operations. This includes those critical customer management functions typically performed by a standalone CRM solution. The cloud-based platform delivers secure applications over IaaS, providing access to employees no matter their location. 

In the end, companies enjoy a scalable ERP platform, while also providing CRM support for the business. Rest assured that Technology Partners has strong experience crafting SAP solutions for our clients. In the end, our company is the right choice, no matter your CRM platform.  

When you need help with your company’s CRM needs, connect with the group at Technology Partners. One of the top technology staffing agencies in St. Louis, our team, also crafts software solutions for your organization. Schedule a meeting with us at your earliest convenience.  

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