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How Your Company Can be a Trailblazer For The Remote Workforce

by Insights In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, most tech companies implemented a work from home policy due to governmental shutdown orders. While some organizations hope to return to an office-based workforce, others saw a notable increase in productivity from their telecommuting employees. Ultimately, this raises a question on what the “new normal” looks […]

The Uncovered Benefits of Working From Home

by Insights The current COVID-19 pandemic increased the number of companies requiring employees to work from home, especially in the tech industry. Telecommuting used to be a perk offered to attract great candidates looking for the flexibility to foster their work-life balance. Now, it’s a necessity driven by the need to slow down the spread […]

3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Leveraging Video

By Insights Strong marketing remains an essential competitive differentiator between successful businesses and those who are merely treading water. Increasingly, social media considerations are driving any effective campaign for generating publicity. As such, video now plays a significant role in engaging both current and potential customers, no matter your company’s industry sector.    In short, your […]

Five Technical Devices Network Engineers Use on a Daily Basis

By Insights Network engineers are familiar with a variety of devices in their hardware toolboxes. Everything from routers to wireless access points are essential tools in the IT operations of most businesses–they ensure a company stays connected to the outside world as well as internally. Here’s a list of a few common networking devices typically […]

Do Blue Light Glasses Actually Protect Your Eyes From the Computer Screen?

Do Blue Light Glasses Actually Protect Your Eyes From the Computer Screen? Staring at a computer screen for hours every day causes eye strain and potentially other problems. Most notably, difficulty in getting to sleep at night. Because of these problems, some technology professionals wear blue light glasses to mitigate the adverse effects of computer […]

Leading Smart Cities Takes Purpose

David Alexander, Community Engagement Manager 636.590.5992 | Leading Smart Cities Takes Purpose I had the privilege and opportunity to attend Construction Forum STL, and it really opened my eyes to how having the right mindset can affect the future of cities in the United States. I’m David Alexander, the Community Engagement Manager at Technology […]

Top 5 Tech Publications Your Company Should Subscribe To

All companies need to be on the cutting edge of current tech to keep up with competitors, which means you need to keep abreast of new developments. It can be hard to stay on top of everything going on in the technology world, but the good news is there are plenty of resources out there […]

When It Comes to Video, One Size Can Fit All

The Biggest Omission on Your Job Description As a Leader, you were tricked. When you first read your job description, they probably left off one of the most important skills you will need: Teaching. Call it what you want—most of what the modern business leader does on a day-to-day basis is about turning an idea/vision/strategy […]

Are You Keeping Up-to-Date with SEO Trends?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is key to connecting with a wider audience and making sure potential customers can take advantage of the products and services you are offering. If your SEO is poor, you will miss opportunities for people to directly hit your website on their search for expert services. SEO is not something […]

Reflections: “My Time at the White House” by Lisa Nichols

Our CEO Lisa Nichols shares her firsthand account of the experience at the White House— In March, our office received a call from the White House inviting me to a roundtable discussion in DC for the next Monday morning. I was out of the office at client meetings that day. The office thought perhaps I […]