Prototyping Can Improve Developer Efficiency by 45 Percent

In a competitive business world, improving your employees’ efficiency plays a key role in your ultimate success. This is especially the case with the practice of software development. Studies reveal that the time spent creating functional prototypes actually boosts developer efficiency by 45 percent. Needless to say, this significant improvement warrants adding the practice to your software engineering process. 

Let’s take a closer look at functional prototyping and how it helps software engineers build more engaging applications. Use that extra time to add more features or spend additional time in QA. In the end, expect a more satisfied user community as a result. 

Crafting Exceptional Software Becomes Difficult When Flying Blind  

Taking a long journey across the country without Google Maps or another similar service makes little sense. The same concept applies to developing an application without first crafting a few prototypes. They help business stakeholders and software architects brainstorm ideas on features, while also providing initial wireframe designs.  

Keeping everyone on the same page helps set expectations on any software project. Spending time prototyping definitely helps in this regard. This is especially the case on projects using modern methodologies, like Agile. It ensures the proper feedback which is essential in any iterative software development process.  

Get Valuable Feedback Early in the Software Development Process  

The cost to fix bugs or design issues in any application increases based on the project timeline. In short, fixing errors right before production deployment becomes cost-prohibitive. This scenario is a major reason for building prototypes. They help generate the valuable feedback early enough to craft a truly exceptional piece of software. 

Users are able to see the design of the app or website long before it goes live. Once again, it ensures the project team – stakeholders, managers, designers, and developers – are in agreement before coding begins. Taking an iterative approach to prototyping also vets the app’s initial concepts and designs ahead of time. 

Technology Partners are Experts in Application Prototyping  

Application prototyping is one of the services Technology Partners provides to our customers. Taking this approach ensures a proper end-user experience at the beginning and throughout any project. It’s an Agile concept that makes perfect sense when building exceptional apps or interactive websites.   

If your company needs help transforming a great business idea into a compelling application, connect with our team. As one of the top technology service providers in the Midwest, let our talented architects and developers craft your exceptional app. We are here to support you from prototype all the way to production.  

We can help you gain the flexibility you desire in your career. See our current opportunities.

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