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Something Extra with Lisa Nichols

Join our CEO Lisa Nichols as she interviews leaders from around the world to share their stories and show us what it takes to influence, encourage, and be a true leader in our daily lives.

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SE Episode 107: Wendy Henry

BKD Managing Partner, Wendy Henry, has something to say about not just knowing your piece in the company but taking time to be intentional to know the pieces of those around you. Episode 107 of Something Extra will leave you with further wisdom on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, mentorship relationships, and the value of knowing who you are to further impact the lives of the people you work with.

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SE Episode 106: Kathy Mazzarella

In this episode of Something Extra, Kathy Mazzarella shares wisdom on the humanity of taking care of each other, becoming better in varying opportunities, and how to lead from the truth that people long to know that they and their work matters.

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SE Episode 105: Ken Cella

From intern to Principal at Edward Jones, Ken Cella has been fueled by the impact of education, family, and purpose as he continues to give back to the St. Louis community. After listening to his time on The Something Extra podcast, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to lead others from a place of empathy in the workplace. 

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SE Episode 104: Mark Taylor

In this episode of Something Extra, Dean of Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, Mark Taylor, shares his love for literature, speaks on the current major shifts to online education, and leadership that is met with vision plus values. 

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SE Episode 103: Mary Elizabeth Grimes

You know what they say, “Once a Marian girl, always a Marian girl.” It was a pleasure to have Mary Elizabeth Grimes, President of Marian Middle School, as the guest of our 103 episode. Take a few moments to hear her share her story, give wisdom on becoming the things we believe and education as the path to freedom.

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SE Episode 102: Ian Watkins

In this Something Extra episode, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Mallinckrodt, Ian Watkins, shares valuable insight on the beauty of being informed, educated and bold enough to have discussions with people that really do know when you don’t.

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SE Episode 101: Best of 100

100 episodes in and we are just getting started with Something Extra! Join us on our nostalgic walk down memory lane with a compilation of clips from your top-rated episodes from the first one hundred.

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SE Episode 100: Albert Pujols and Todd Perry

Since 2018, we have had the incredible privilege of hearing outstanding leaders share their stories and something extras with us. Episode 100 is no exception. Take a few moments to listen to Albert Pujols and Todd Perry give wisdom on leading with passion and generosity.

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SE Episode 099: Ron Green

From growing up as a scout to serving as a commissioned professional scouter for nearly 40 years, Ron Green has devoted his time to the movement that impacted life life so greatly. You will walk away from Something Extra’s 99th episode with wisdom on leading with empathy and believing in those around you. 

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SE Episode 098: Art McCoy

In the words of Art McCoy, “The paveway has already been laid and the highway is set, so now you just have to get on that highway.” Take a few minutes to hear the wisdom from CEO and Superintendent, Art McCoy, speak on how to best encourage and empower those you are in leadership over. This is an episode that you will greatly benefit from, regardless of your profession.

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