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Something Extra with Lisa Nichols

Join our CEO Lisa Nichols as she interviews leaders from around the world to share their stories and show us what it takes to influence, encourage, and be a true leader in our daily lives.

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Episode 211: Blue Sky Thinking and the Future of Work w/ Isaac Sacolick

Digital transformation is hard work, so incorporating fun into the equation is crucial. Join Lisa as she covers this and more with Isaac Sacolick, President of StarCIO and Author of Digital Trailblazer and Driving Digital. Listen to be reminded of the importance of sharing ideas with others, innovating continuously, and preparing rising leaders. You will leave this conversation with a new understanding of the current issues in the IT landscape.

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Episode 210: Becoming a Better Listener w/ Christine Miles

Stephen Covey shares a rule for success: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Though many acknowledge the importance of listening, it is a skill not frequently practiced. Join us as Lisa speaks with Christine Miles, Learning Expert & Developer of The Listening Path/CEO & Founder of EQuipt. Believing in the art of transformational listening, Christine strives to help you better navigate the most important conversations in your life.

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Episode 209: Nurturing Gardens of Hope & Love w/ Ron Giordan

“Welcome to Holland,” a poem by Emily Perl Kingsley, describes life not going according to plan. You expect to vacation in Italy, but are surprised to land in the Netherlands. Ron Giordan, Co-Founder of Gio’s Garden Therapeutic Respite Center & PR/Media Manager of Focus on Energy, took these words to heart after learning of his son’s diagnosis with a seizure disorder. Join Lisa and Ron as they share lessons learned from raising a child with special needs, including the importance of intentionality, communication, and hope.

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Episode 208: Driven to Improve through Suffering, Vulnerability, and Compassion w/ Dr. Randall Zindler

Regenerative alliances make us unstoppable–this is the motto of Dr. Randall Zindler, Husband, Father, and Senior Lecturer on Regenerative Leadership. His mission is to support organizations rooted in compassionate and ethical entrepreneurship in order to restore capitalism. If you’re serving in a purpose-driven organization, Dr. Zindler’s leadership principles apply to you.

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Episode 207: The Secret Sauce to Success w/ Don Barden

Would you like to know what contributes to the success of the world’s most elite leaders? Don Barden, Senior Economist, Business Leader, and Professor, set out to answer this question through a doctoral paper funded by Wall Street. Ten years later, this journey allowed him to discover the strategies and thought processes that unite top performers. Listen and be inspired by how Don helps others and respects people for their uniqueness.

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Episode 206: Living the Gooder Life w/ Kendall Layman

Kendall Layman grew up hearing the adage that there are only two types of days: good or gooder. However, he came to recognize how hard it was to choose either option in the face of a life-altering event. Now, as Managing Director Global IT at Cobb-Vantress and Author of “The Gooder Life in Layman’s Terms,” Kendall focuses on how to navigate life with purpose and be set apart from the crowd. In this fascinating episode, he shares his transition from military to corporate life, technology’s front seat in business, and the importance of mentoring the next generation.

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Episode 205: Walking Step in Step with Your Destiny w/ Tarah M. Williams

Are you finding satisfaction in your work? Join us this week as Lisa interviews Tarah M. Williams, Author & Personal/Business Development Coach. Tarah shares her raw story of overcoming childhood trauma, interpreting an OCD diagnosis as a strength, and challenging people to think, do, and live better. After listening to this episode, you’ll consider how to relentlessly pursue your purpose.

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Episode 204: Combining a Love for People and Problem-Solving Through Technology w/ Kelly Dowdy

Kelly Dowdy, Vice President of Global Digital Technology at Yum! Brands, caught the bug for technology as a freshman in high school during her first computer programming class. Since then, she hasn’t looked back as she orchestrates digital solutions to help people live better lives. Join us this week as Kelly and Lisa discuss the importance of championing women in tech, maintaining your curiosity, and creating a work culture that engages the hearts and minds of your team.

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Episode 203: Where Entrepreneurship Meets Education w/ Chris Crane

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the pathway out of poverty.” As an award-winning business leader, Chris Crane merged his passions for education and entrepreneurship to launch self-sustaining, Christ-centered schools for children living in poverty in Africa and Latin America. Since becoming the CEO and Co-Founder of Edify, Chris has partnered globally with entrepreneurs in education to serve 3.2 million children throughout 12,000 schools. You won’t want to miss this story!

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Episode 202: Rocking Your Moxie w/ Eneazer Layne

How would you describe someone who shows up every day with a spirit of grit and determination? Eneazer Layne, CEO of E’s 2 ACCESS, LLC/Defy Limits, calls this “rocking your moxie.” Listen as she and Lisa discuss the strength it takes to overcome difficult seasons in life and work towards being significant rather than successful. Walk away from this episode encouraged to find confidence in your unique strengths as you work through any challenges in your personal journey.

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