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Something Extra with Lisa Nichols

Join our CEO Lisa Nichols as she interviews leaders from around the world to share their stories and show us what it takes to influence, encourage, and be a true leader in our daily lives.

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Episode 155: Stepping Off The Hamster Wheel w/ Steve Morris

When is the last time you stopped and thought about the processes you follow throughout your day? In the words of Steve Morris, Founder and President of Catylator, “Documenting the processes followed within your company leads to consistency which allows you to scale.” Your day will be enriched by this episode as you get a glimpse into Steve’s experience, wisdom, and zeal for leadership. 

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Episode 154: The Three C’s to Upgrading Your Leadership w/ Bill Ellis

When is the last time you have dissected your success? After all, it’s said that failing to plan is planning to fail. Episode 154 with Bill Ellis is packed with incredible wisdom on topics from the reality of influence, to giving your obstacles credit, and the three C’s in your leadership that will set you apart from the rest.

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Episode 153: The Value of Authenticity w/ Shane Jackson

President of Jackson Healthcare, Shane Jackson, believes that the something extra every leader needs is authenticity. There is freedom and permission released when leaders are transparent in the challenges they are facing and decisions to be made for the organization. Your day will be deeply enriched by Lisa and Shane’s conversation about maintaining a growth mindset, stewarding your season, and how to be a leader that makes a lasting impact. 

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Episode 152: The Power of Perspective w/ Marc Bernstein

As a leader, your team is counting on you for perspective to see the whole picture. We cannot underestimate the power of clarity and how it helps us to build trust with those we are called to lead. Take a few minutes today to listen in on Lisa’s recent conversation with the CEO of Balto, Marc Bernstein.

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Episode 151: The Power of Partnership w/ Dedric Carter

According to Dedric Carter, Vice Chancellor for Operations and Professor of Engineering Practice at Washington University, the secret sauce to living a wonderful life is leaning into the power of partnership. Taking a few minutes out of your day to listen to our latest episode will enrichen your life in how to take full advantage of partnership in your work, personal, and spiritual life. 

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Episode 150: Labors of Love w/ Sandi Brown

Throughout this year, Zoom fatigue has become a reality for most and the margin between rest and WFH keeps getting smaller and smaller. The good news is that we can do something about it. Join Lisa and Sandi Brown as they discuss the beauty of built-in margins, self-awareness to honor those around you, and how labors of love can make all the difference for your leadership.

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Episode 149: Facing The Giants w/ Dan Clark

We know that if the task was easy, everyone would be doing it; however, how do we move forward when the task is daunting and we’re alone in facing it? In this week’s episode, Dan Clark, CEO at, shares insights on how curiosity and perseverance could be game changers in your leadership.

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Episode 148: Choosing Your Leadership Diet w/ Sarah Hill

Did you know your thoughts can shift the patterns of your brain? In this 148th episode of Something Extra, CEO of Healium, Sarah Hill, breaks down the significance of mental fitness and how it significantly impacts our daily lives. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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Episode 147: Watching Your Language w/ Sonia Jackson Myles

What a beautiful thing it is to have a mentor speak into the trajectory of your life. In this week’s episode, Founder, President, and CEO of The Sister Accord, Sonia Jackson Myles, speaks into the value of mentorship, the cost of patience, and the importance of always finding a way. 

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Episode 146: Efficient vs. Effective Leadership w/ Scott Miller

The difference between efficiency and effectiveness is a fine line to walk, but when you master balancing the tension of the two you’ll radically improve your leadership footprint. We were honored to have Scott Miller share his story and experience with us in this 146th episode of Something Extra. 

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