Action is everything. From your logistics to IoT, aggregating data and decision making into one common operational picture can drive action and your bottom line. Coolfire’s platform delivers real-time situational awareness at the edge by connecting the right people with the right data, right now.

Coolfire App, Visual User Activity:
Make Real-time Decisions at the Edge

Visualize real-time, geographically-relevant events on any device by any of your users. Leverage integrated data to make more intelligent decisions.

Connect Your Existing Intelligence

Ronin brings your legacy IT systems into the fold, pinpoints the data, and works to connect the dots securely for all of your users.

Custom Apps

Tailor your Ronin experience to your specific business needs. Create unique views based on role, responsibilities, and location–all to deliver the right data to the right person. Accessible on any screen or device type.

Every Platform Friendly

Mobile or Desktop, Remote or On-Site, users can access data and information wherever they need it. Ronin allows employees to visualize, locate tasks, manage messages, and take action.

Real-Time Data

The platform puts the right data in the right hands, allowing everyone to share the same real-time view of business operations. Content feeds are in true real-time and the up-to-the-second action is accessible for every user on every device.

Enhanced Business Operations

Minimize disruption to your business operations, Ronin layers on powerful decision-making capabilities to your existing IT environment, helping you to increase efficiency while letting your people get to work.

Quick Deployment

Accelerate past infrastructure design decisions and start developing valuable features. Ronin provides 80% of required functionality out-of-the-box to deliver a custom, event-driven situational awareness solution–faster.

The Foremost Coolfire Experts

Platform implementations by Technology Partners don’t just give you the software, they give you a workable and customized solution for your team. Backed by over 300 consultants and over two decades of experience in IT, our implementation strategy and expertise will make your digital transformation painless for your entire organization.

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There are now more mobile internet users than desktop internet users.

By setting the bar for the industry with its unique business model, they have become one of the most respected firms in the IT space.

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