A Foundation is Key: Essential Skills For New Tech Professionals

Congratulations are in order for beginning a rewarding career as a technology professional! Now, the real work begins as you embark on a path filled with learning, accomplishments, and professional growth. However, forging success in this profession requires a strong foundation of basic technical and soft skills.

So let’s take a look at a few essential soft skills for those just beginning a career in information technology. Leverage these insights to get the experience you need to stay in demand until your retirement. Perhaps a future executive position is the eventual reward for all your hard work?

What Essential Skills Should New Tech Professionals Know?

Strong Communication Skills

Companies want to hire technology professionals with top-shelf written and verbal communication skills. Interacting with coworkers and business stakeholders on projects is where your speaking skills come to the fore. At the same time, writing chops also help when crafting software requirements, specifications, and even a user manual.

In a related matter, be sure you are well-versed in office software, including word processors, presentation apps, and spreadsheets. These abilities make you a flexible technology professional helping attract interested hiring managers when looking for work.

The Ability to Thrive Under Pressure

Any technology job sometimes becomes pressure-packed, even requiring extra work hours during crunch time. IT professionals with the ability to thrive in these situations tend to get noticed by managers. They stay calm and focused at the most important time. Be sure to emphasize your experience in this area on your résumé and during interviews.

An Affinity for Teamwork

Teamwork and collaboration continue to grow in importance throughout the technology world. It remains an important reason for the popularity of collaborative methodologies, like Agile and DevOps. In short, the days of the lone wolf programmer are long over.

Once again, you need to highlight your affinity for teamwork on your résumé, cover letter, and in interviews. Since companies want to hire tech professionals with these skills, expect hiring managers to inquire about your relevant experience.  

Keeping Your Tech Skills Current

In addition to these soft skills, businesses want IT professionals that stay current with the latest tech innovations. At the same time, modern tech pros want to work for companies with strong professional development programs. So take advantage of any training opportunities to ensure your skill set never becomes outdated.

Looking For a New Job in IT?

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