Decoding The IT Interview: What Coding Tests Reveal to Interviewers

Technical interviews serve to provide hiring managers with a better understanding of a candidate’s technology knowledge and experience. This is especially the case when these one-on-one meetings also include coding tests. Seeing how you transform a business problem into a quick solution also offers insights on your performance under pressure.

Let’s examine how interviewers use coding tests as part of their full hiring process. Of course, the quality of your code (or pseudocode) matters, but you also need to project a confident attitude. Use these insights to better prepare yourself to give an exceptional performance while landing the job of your dreams.

What Do Coding Tests Reveal to Interviewers?

The Readability of Your Code Matters

Even during a coding test within an interview, you need to write legible and readable code. Source code that’s easy to follow and understand remains important in the software development world. Programmers assigned to maintain legacy applications obviously benefit from this approach. For example, readable code is also easier to debug whenever problems arise.

Your Quick Program Compiles and Functions Correctly

Some coding tests forego using a specific language; instead, you write a program in pseudocode. Some interviewers use this approach to vet your ability to design algorithms and explain their functionality. However, most other technical interviews require coding tests to be written in a specific language.

In this scenario, expect to use an IDE with a compiler that ensures your code builds and functions as expected. During these types of coding tests, take the time to verify everything works while also writing readable code. Be sure to include error handling to prevent any potentially embarrassing runtime errors.

No matter how small the application, preventing compile errors while handing any run time errors remains essential. Show that you understand this important software development concept during any coding test. It definitely improves your chances of earning that coveted job offer!

Keep Your Program Simple

It’s important not to over-engineer any coding test during a technical interview. In fact, you might spend more time writing any error handling routines compared to the app’s basic functionality. In short, resist the urge to show off any obscure programming skills in your arsenal.

An important principle of test-driven development (TDD) involves only writing enough code to pass each test. Keep this in mind for a great performance during your next coding interview!

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