Productivity rises and falls on the power of the tools your business uses. Technology isn’t just about lines of code but the team behind the software. Trust Technology Partners to support your team while you leverage our tools to disrupt your industry.

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We offer and support a full suite of software solutions from our in-house team as well as our strategic software partners around the world.

A simple artificial intelligence platform that empowers employees to access their company’s intelligence through a conversational interface. Capacity makes company information accessible by integrating with apps, mining intel from docs, and learning tribal knowledge — giving employees instant access to the information they need in moments instead of hours. We can’t wait for Capacity to join your team.

Growth Groups
Using Growth Groups methodology and software, participants connect in peer advisory groups exclusive to your organization to find solutions to their biggest challenges and opportunities in a structured, self-directed way.

Action is everything. From your logistics to IoT, aggregating data and decision making into one common operational picture can drive action and your bottom line. The Coolfire Platform delivers real-time situational awareness at the edge by connecting the right people with the right data, right now. With desktop and mobile interfaces for global access, let Coolfire super power your decisions today.

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Slow-loading websites cost the U.S. ecommerce market more than $500 billion annually.

I am convinced Technology Partners and their team were able to save Enterprise millions of dollars on hardware upgrades.

Rick Butler, Senior Manager, Database Management of Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Find out how our database performance solutions can make a difference for you today.