You need strong IT leadership skills to become the professional you aspire to be. Let Technology Partners help you on the journey, and assist you in developing the skills required to be part of the next generation of tech leaders.

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IT Mentoring, Career Growth:
Realizing Leadership Potential Through Technology Leadership Experience (TechLX)

You have the attitude and drive to do what it takes to improve. Your main opportunity for growth? Skills. Let Technology Partners and Ouellette & Associates equip you.

  • TechLX Cohort 10 (Women-only) – July 2022 launch
  • TechLX Cohort 11 – Oct 2022 launch

Note: Currently all cohorts are being conducted virtually.

The TechLX Mission
With the technology agenda growing rapidly every day, there is a heightened urgency to acquire high-level tech leaders. We strive to empower these new leaders in developing the core competencies needed to face tomorrow’s IT management challenges.

Professional Development Workshops
You know that leadership skills are essential in today’s evolving tech market. Workshops facilitated throughout the program foster skills such as consulting, marketing, and leadership specific to a technology organization.

IT Networking
Networking is crucial when it comes to building your credibility as a tech leader, but we know it can be hard to make yourself known the right way. Let our team help you practice the proper skills in order to build informal, trusted connections that will carry you throughout your IT leadership career!

Peer Problem Solving
Sometimes there are problems that can only be solved amongst our peers, but finding the right individuals with whom to consult can be difficult. Within your sub-cohort, you will collaborate in order to find solutions to your challenges.

1:1 Mentoring
Leaders are not created overnight and finding the right mentor(s) is crucial. Based upon your input, each participant will be paired with an experienced mentor to guide you in your leadership journey. You will participate in a minimum of three mentoring sessions, allowing you to gain real-world advice on today’s volatile technology environment.

TechLX Testimonials

Check out what some of our most recent cohort members have to say.

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woman leading a leadership workshop for Technology Partners
Participants engaging in an interactive workshop

"After participating in the hands-on workshops and learning how to maximize the tooIs we have at our disposal as consultants, I believeTechLX is a great way to network with other technology groups and companies."

"From truly optimizing the basics of things like asking questions to managing efficient and beneficial meetings, I have to say that this workshop is extraordinary."

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