An AI Revolution: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming The Recruiting Process

One of the most important technology innovations ever introduced, AI continues to transform multiple business sectors. The world of recruiting also benefits from the process improvements gained by adopting AI. For example, an AI-powered applicant tracking system automatically filters out underqualified candidates while informing them by email. This allows an HR team to concentrate on recruiting the top candidates.

Let’s look more closely at how AI and machine learning optimize the recruiting process. In a competitive job market for exceptional tech candidates, it increases your company’s chances of making a great hire. Leverage these insights to take full advantage of AI in your company’s hiring efforts.

In What Ways has AI Impacted the Recruiting Process?

Statistics Reveal the Growth of AI in Recruiting

A recent study noted that 24 percent of businesses currently use AI as part of their recruiting process. Even more notable is the fact that 89 percent of HR professionals feel adopting AI improves their hiring efforts. In short, expect the adoption rate to quickly grow. As highlighted above, it provides the means to optimize the staffing process, helping businesses better compete for talent.

How AI Makes The Recruiting Process More Efficient

If you are curious about how AI improves a business’s recruiting process, the answer lies in one word: automation. It provides the ability to automate the repetitive tasks faced by many HR professionals. For example, consider a scenario where a company’s recent job ad results in over 100 applicants. The time required to peruse that many resumes simply siphons the productivity of any HR team.

Using the AI-powered ATS mentioned earlier automates the process of vetting resumes. With unqualified candidates removed from the HR team’s task list, they focus on only the best talent. It provides the time to forge meaningful connections with your top candidates, boosting your chances of a successful hire.

Remember, the best tech talent stays available for only a few weeks. AI lets businesses conduct their staffing process at higher velocities, a critical advantage in any competitive IT job market.

AI Also Helps Provide a Better Candidate Experience

In addition to making work easier for HR professionals, AI also provides candidates with a better experience. Chatbots powered by generative AI are always available to answer questions about the company and their staffing process. As a result, human recruiters now focus on only the most important messaging. All told, it gives candidates a better impression of a business, even if they never receive a job offer.

Need to Find Talent?

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