77 Percent of Consumers Now Use AI Technologies

AI and machine learning continue to make a transformational impact in a variety of industries. Customer service chatbots, self-driving vehicles, and automated securities trading provides three commonplace examples. In fact, a recent Adobe study noted that 77 percent of consumers now use some form of AI-related technology.  

This growth in the adoption of AI provides significant opportunities for tech companies and professionals with the right experience. In fact, expect this expansion to continue as AI allows employees to focus on more value-added tasks. So let’s take a closer look at an important IT trend affecting the entire business world.  

The Massive Growth of AI in The Business World  

From now until 2030, the World Economic Forum predicts AI technology to add $15.7 trillion to the global economy. Yes, that number says “trillion.” Obviously, great opportunities abound for tech professionals and their employers interested in AI-related projects.  

Many consumers worry about AI or robotic technology taking their jobs. A World Economic Forum study looked at AI’s influence on jobs across 26 countries in the year 2025. While the study forecasts a loss of 85 million jobs, AI technologies are projected to create over 97 million new jobs. This net gain of 12 million jobs bodes well for the future.  

Customers Getting Used to Chatbots  

One of the biggest challenges of AI technology involves getting consumers used to accepting help from artificial sources. However, another study notes an increasing acceptance of chatbots in a variety of roles. Consumers in online retail, healthcare, and telecommunications appear to be most open to this form of customer service. On the other hand, users of automobile dealers and government services prefer receiving help from human agents.  

Ultimately, customers need to get used to this trend. The number of AI-powered voice assistants is forecast to reach 8 billion by 2023. A report from PEGA notes that only 33 percent of users think they are currently using AI technologies. Of course, Adobe revealed that those numbers are off by 44 percentage points.  

Again, human customer service representatives now gain the ability to focus on other tasks adding more business value. This job role replacement is one reason Accenture predicts AI to increase business productivity by 40 percent. Notably, a vast majority of global businesses feel AI provides them with a competitive advantage. So use this projected demand to gain valuable experience in this area to build your career or technology company.   

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