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3 Tips to Successfully Wrap Up The Year

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a challenging year for businesses and technology professionals. The Coronavirus pandemic led to a recession and a subsequent rise in the unemployment rate. Still, many companies quickly introduced remote working policies and enjoyed a surprising boost in productivity as a result.  With the end of the year coming […]

Signs Your Expectations Are Too High For Yourself and Others

Setting realistic expectations remains an important soft skill for technology managers. Failure to do so leads to a downturn in morale when a project goes poorly and ultimately fails. Alternatively, when expectations are properly set, improved inspiration and exemplary performance are the usual results.   What follows is a closer look at the role of goals […]

Advance Your Communication Skills With Three Easy Steps

By Insights Excellent communication skills are an essential part of any rewarding technology career. Strong verbal abilities – including public speaking acumen, help when leading meetings, or interacting with clients. Skill with the written word helps technology professionals craft specifications and other important documentation.  If you aren’t a natural communicator, don’t fret, as it’s easy […]

From the CEO: Lessons In the Crisis

By Lisa Nichols, CEO | March 24, 2020 Lessons in the Crisis As we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been encouraged to institute social distancing. This is so contradictory to our very nature, since we are social creatures. After all, love and connection are basic human needs. However, it is […]

From the CEO: The Power of YES

By Lisa Nichols, CEO The Power of YES I don’t know about you, but it seems that for many of us there is always another event to attend, another person to meet, another committee to join. When you factor in your spouse, spending time with your children (or grandchildren), holidays, work, community commitments and so […]

RECAP: Gateway 2 Innovation Conference 

My thoughts from Gateway to Innovation 2019 Michelle Taylor, Business Development Executive 636-590-5979 | With the 2019 Gateway to Innovation conference now in the books, I’d love to take a minute to share my thoughts on the event. I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the SIM- St. Louis chapter and the St. Louis […]

Women in Technology Recap

Lisa Nichols, CEO Women in Technology Recap I believe that one of the best ways we can grow as individuals is to surround ourselves with people who have subject matter expertise in areas where we don’t and who have varied backgrounds and experiences.  On the morning of April 18th, Technology Partners was honored to host […]

Embracing A Growth Mindset

Lisa Nichols, CEO Embracing A Growth Mindset I probably don’t have to convince you that having a growth mindset is important; however, I endeavor to build a case that it might be one of the most foundational concepts that we, as people, should focus on. It affects everything. We can have a high IQ with […]

From the CEO: Podcast Launch

By Lisa Nichols, CEO Something Extra Podcast Launch As the CEO of Technology Partners, I’m privileged to watch our amazing teams work with our amazing clients to make a real impact in the IT space. Along the way, I get a front row seat with so many genuine leaders and learn new things every day. […]

From the CEO: Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude

By Lisa Nichols, CEO Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude My intention is not to be a Pollyanna. Let’s face it, as M. Scott Peck says, “Life is hard.” However, I believe that there are practical ways that we can cultivate a heart of gratitude as well as elevate others in our path even when life […]