More important than the cost of a technology executive is that they provide on-demand strategy and perspective around best practices in systems design, software development, and technology implementation. It’s the thought leadership you need to move your IT department to the next level.

IT Leadership Consulting:
On-Demand Technology Leadership

It can be overwhelming to think about taking ownership for the direction that your business should be run. You’re an expert on your own field, but trying to decide what is best for some of the specific areas of your company that don’t fall into the area of your expertise can lead you toward spinning your wheels and trying out a lot of failed experiments.

Rather than doing that, rely on a company you can truly partner with that will steer the direction for your internal and external communications and branding needs, helpdesk solutions, and overall IT strategy. If it has to do with technology, we can be a one-stop shop provider. You don’t need a full time set of troops to help push your vision along, but a virtual leader might just be a perfect alternative solution for you to consider.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Staffing Companies

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
This position is kind of a big deal in your business. Without the master and commander there to navigate your whole entire information technology plan, from security to networking to backing up data and managing database performance, your business is likely in danger. We consider this to be a critical solution we offer our clients who aren’t large enough that they need a CIO present at all times but do require the piece of mind knowing someone else is manning the ship and steering direction.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
It should be obvious but it’s easy to take for granted that having someone who is mapping out the business from a technological standpoint is pretty imperative to ensuring day to day tasks get accomplished. A virtual CTO will take the reigns on ensuring networking, hardware, software, applications, and all the day to day necessities of business life are directed and managed.

Chief Security Officer (CSO)
If you need someone devoted to your cyber security and ensuring protection is in place for your business, a virtual CISO will undoubtedly, masterfully fill that role. Sleep easy at night knowing that constant coverage is being maintained and you will be alerted if there ever was a security breach. It is lethal for so many businesses to operate without employing specific protocols such as password protection and network monitoring. This leader won’t let you fall victim to mayhem unexpectedly.

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If I had to sum up our relationship in one word it would be quality. Quality organization, quality employees, and they help us provide a quality product.

Mary Heger, CIO & Vice President of Ameren

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