Have you ever asked the question, “What makes a true leader different than everyone else?” Join our CEO Lisa Nichols as she interviews leaders from around the world to share their stories and show us what it takes to influence, encourage, and be a true leader in our daily lives.

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Former C-suite executive at Chick-Fil-A, Dee Ann Turner, shares career-changing insights and delves deep into understanding the ultimate calling that every person has.

In an exciting and resounding episode, Lisa brings Tim Ezell, Host of The Thread and Feature Reporter for Fox 2 News, on the show to share how people and persistence led him to achieve his life-long dreams. 

President of Kaldi’s coffee, Tricia Zimmer Ferguson, joins Lisa as they talk about surrounding yourself with passionate people, how serving coffee can affect the world, and the impact that Kaldi’s 25th Anniversary has on St. Louis.

Jim Cavellier, joins Lisa on our 50th episode as he dives deep into the importance of making your employee’s goals your goals and the most pressing priorities that every CIO needs to focus on.

TEDx speaker, author, world traveler, and Rabbi, Yonason Goldson, shares “3000 years of wisdom” with Lisa on this eye-opening episode of the Something Extra Podcast.

Former St. Louis Chief of Police and current Executive Director at REJIS Commission, Dan Isom, joins Lisa and walks us through his detailed background from the police department to creating programs for investing in people’s futures. 

Gary VonderHaar, an Executive Vice President at Mastercard, joins Lisa and sheds light on the art of bringing your authentic self to work, desiring growth, and the balance it takes to allow autonomy while realizing the extent of every decision.

Lee Paris, CEO at Meadowbrook Capital, LLC, Joins Lisa as they talk about what to do after your dreams fall through and growing through the most difficult times in life.

From leading a Top-100 US marketing agency to coaching leading CEO’s, Scott Kuehl, Founder and President of BrandResolve, details a thorough look at a varied career path that revolved not only about doing things well, but about taking in account the people in which it affected.

Division Director of one of Wall Street’s largest firms, Jennifer Povlitz, talks about leading a division with revenue of over a billion dollars, the monumental importance of choice, and the sense of belonging that people long for.

4th-generation CEO, Jeff Johnson, joins Lisa and shares how seeds planted by those before us can affect people for years to come.

Whether it be with the people close to you at home or those you work with, Former CEO turned Author/Speaker, Krister Ungerböck, shares how the language of leadership is the communication tool that transcends all barriers.

Marc Braun and John Kramer, President and CEO of Cambridge Engineering, Inc, show how focusing on something bigger than yourself and bringing dignity to what you do will transform the way you approach what matters in your life.

From her experience with the Ironman competition to the adversities she overcame from her battle with cancer, Author and Speaker, Teri Griege, shares a personal perspective on how hope can be found in every part of life.

With her trademark humor and contagious passion, Bestselling Author and Speaker, Justine Froelker, shares her personal story of overcoming real adversity and how everyone can be equipped to build a better life.

Now the President of Phoenix Textile Corporation, Linda Haberstroh continues her Mother’s legacy of pioneering innovation and leading people to the best version of themselves.

Dana Lorberg, Executive Vice President of Mastercard International, discusses the impact that parents have on our lives, the importance of your voice, and the powerful effects of helping the next generation.

With an exceptional panel of industry-leading experts, Lisa moderates a discussion on digital health and the far-reaching effects it has on people. Featuring Dr. Danish Nagda, Katie Haw, Katherine Nowak, Dr. Justin Collier, and Jerry Fox.

Dana Lorberg, Executive Vice President of Mastercard International, discusses the impact that parents have on our lives, the importance of your voice, and the powerful effects of helping the next generation.

Mark Thom, CEO of MiTek Industries (A Berkshire Hathaway company), shares how to celebrate the value in people and to equip the next generation of leaders.

From seeing the rebirth of one of the most influential company’s in the world, to changing the entire course of her life in a BIG way, Trina Dyan Clark James shares how purpose, people, and technology can change lives.

In this special episode of the Something Extra Podcast, Lisa is joined by 4 leading technology experts in the discussion on Artificial Intelligence.

Listen as Dan Roberts, CEO of Ouellette & Associates, shares his 30 years of IT and leadership experience with 7 secrets of the greatest leaders in the industry.

Khalia Collier, Owner & General Manager at St. Louis Surge Women’s Professional Basketball, tells how taking people to the next level and bouncing back from defeat can change your entire career.

Carla Bailey, Senior Leader of Learning and Organizational Development at Washington University, joins Lisa to talk about how to not only become a leader — but to grow them as well.

Ed Corno joins Lisa on the show to talk about emerging technologies and the future of how businesses interact with tech.

With a lifetime dedicated to the betterment of people, Cindy Erickson, CEO of the American Red Cross of Missouri and Arkansas, shares how serving others leads to becoming a capable and purpose-driven leader.

Former Army Captain turned STL FoodBank CEO, Meredith Knopp, brings an unconventional look into leadership on this week’s show.

The age of choice in the workforce, speaking the language of Millenials, and the key to motivating your employees, are just a few things that Kerry Goyette, President of Aperio Consulting Group, shares with Lisa on this week’s episode.

Judy Sindecuse, a Harvard Law graduate with over 100 portfolio companies, joins Lisa on Today’s episode.

On Today’s episode, CEO of both United Way of Greater St.Louis and Midwest BankCentre, Orv Kimbrough, shares the most powerful words you can say to the next generation and how every breakthrough is on the other side of the right relationship.

Jim Swanson, Global CIO for Bayer AG, joins Lisa and shares his 30-year’s worth of IT knowledge and why he thinks people are crucial to the planet’s long-term sustainability.

Check out the life-changing story of Top Gun pilot, Robert Teschner, as he shares about his unprecedented fighter pilot career and taking his life back from cancer.

Today’s show features Dena Ladd, former fashion industry pro turned policy advocate with Missouri Cures.

Sharon Fiehler, Former CAO of Peabody Energy & Founder of ABC to CEO, joins Lisa as she shares how she went from Germantown to the C-Suite of a Fortune 500 company to building into the next generation of female leaders.

Danny Ludeman, former CEO of Wells Fargo Advisors, joins Lisa this week to talk about when to change careers, the problem with prisons, and how to get an entire state to rally behind change.

Joining Lisa on this week’s episode is Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, where they discuss the necessity of continual self-improvement, overcoming past trauma, and carrying on the legacy left by Dr. James Dobson.

Cindy Kay Olson, former CHRO at Enron, joins Lisa to talk about the rise and fall of a Fortune 7 corporation and the endurance it takes to last.

This week Lisa is joined by former NFL executive and current YWCA CEO Adrian Bracy. Adrian shares what its like to work with for three different teams, the life-changing power of networking, and how following your passion will lead to your purpose.

Jack Lannom, Founder of People First, talks with Lisa about what kind of animal you should want to be, what it’s like to be a Kung Fu Grand Master, and the vital importance of Trust in business.

On this weeks episode, Lisa is joined by Judy West, Pastor from The Crossing Church in St. Louis, MO. Judy and Lisa talk about why Fortune 15 companies hire runners, how to spot greatness in a leader, and the modern day battle against human trafficking.

Lisa sits down with New York Time’s best selling author Dr. John Townsend to talk about setting good boundaries, finding your blindspots, and one of his favorite stories, “The Well.”

Lisa moderates a panel of female tech leaders on a variety of topics including their “something extras”. Featuring Jennifer Hopper, Michelle Kaufman, Holly Reinen, Teresa Sanzottera, and Petra Volckaert. Hosted by Ladan Kamfar of Bayer.

Bob Chapman, CEO, and Chairman at Barry-Wehmiller Companies joins Lisa on the show to talk about growing up in Ferguson, reconnecting with his father, and why when it comes to leading in business you have to learn that everybody matters.

On this episode, Lisa is joined by Dr. Richard Blackaby, President of Blackaby Ministries International. Richard talks about his father, how everyone can find the leader within, and how they can be a HUMAN BEING instead of a HUMAN DOING.

Lisa sits down with Hunter Muller, President, and CEO of HMG Strategy, to talk about his “Mad Man” father, the value of the CIO, and thinking differently through tech.

Rick Lytle joins the show to talk about the legacy his parents have left him, the importance of goal setting, and what it’s like to be a CEO’s CEO at the CEO Forum.

Lethia Owens joins the show to talk about dropping out of high school, putting the right people in your life, and the tenacity that every leader needs to succeed.

Author, CEO, and Six-Time NCAA Tennis Champion René Vidal joins Lisa to talk about his father, morning routines, and his audacious goal of reaching one million leaders.

Hobby Lobby president and author Steve Green stops by the show to chat with Lisa about his family, faith, and business.

Fresh out of the inaugural CBWB Cheryl Bachelder joined Lisa to talk about fast food, acquiring a mentor, and daring to serve.

Join us for an episode in our crowded conference rooms with one of the most amazing leaders in the non-profit sector working today.

We had a lot of fun recording in the “Black Ink” room in the 4220 building at CIC. Themed around “Women in Comics,” the room’s decor set the stage for Maxine to talk about the “super powers” she has seen in many woman leaders throughout her life.


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