How Your Company Can be a Trailblazer For The Remote Workforce

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In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, most tech companies implemented a work from home policy due to governmental shutdown orders. While some organizations hope to return to an office-based workforce, others saw a notable increase in productivity from their telecommuting employees. Ultimately, this raises a question on what the “new normal” looks like in the business world. 

If your company noticed a few benefits due to a remote workforce, and want to continue the practice, here are a few insights on how to better engage your virtual employees. Leverage these ideas to become a trailblazer within the industry.  

Stay Connected With Remote Employees  

Keeping virtual employees engaged just like they are in the office is critical. Regular meetings conducted using a videoconferencing tool, like Zoom or Skype, helps your workers feel a true sense of connection. Collaborative work tools like Slack are also essential to help individual teams work together more efficiently.  

Goal-Based Management is Even More Essential for Telecommuters  

A recent study notes that 39 percent of remote workers finish tasks more quickly than in the office. This is one reason why it’s vital to provide employees with a sense of direction to ensure they stay productive. Management based on clearly-defined goals and a system to track measurable progress helps keep virtual employees engaged and proactive.  

Empower Remote Employee Autonomy  

Sure it’s important to keep remote workers connected in a collaborative fashion, but giving them the autonomy to make their own decisions is also critical. This approach also includes encouraging their input on new ideas – perhaps even related to improving the efficiency of remote working. Once again, providing this autonomy helps boost employee engagement, morale, and productivity. 

Make Knowledge Sharing Easier  

An easy way for your employees to share knowledge becomes vital with a remote workforce. In the past, the company intranet or wiki page helped in this regard. Work with your senior technical staff to devise a newer solution to facilitate access to company standards, technology insights, and best practices. It’s another technique for improving the efficiency of your staff. 

Ensure Your Managers Know How to Handle Remote Workers  

Managing a remote workforce requires a different tack compared to an office staff. Make sure your managers have the right training for handling telecommuters. Everyone benefits from this proactive approach to management. 

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