3 Digital Transformation Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

Businesses across the globe continue to improve their operational efficiency with a variety of technology innovations. Known as digital transformation, it also helps companies save money and ultimately become more profitable as a result. Cloud computing, mobile tech, as well as AI, and machine learning, offers three examples of widely-used digital transformation technology.

Any wise business leader – especially the CIO/CTO – needs to understand the latest digital transformation trends. So let’s take a closer look at some of the technologies poised to make an impact in 2023. Use this information to inform your organizational planning for the coming year and beyond.

What Digital Transformation Trends Will There Be in 2023?

Remote and Hybrid Work Emphasizes Virtual Collaboration

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the business world, quite possibly forever. One obvious area involved the quick migration to a remote working model. Tech professionals found they enjoyed higher productivity levels at home without the hassle of a daily commute. However, some businesses desire at least a partial return to the office, leading to hybrid working.

Apple VP Dave Smoley feels this change in employment models requires businesses to invest in tools enhancing virtual collaboration. He highlighted it as one of the most important digital transformation trends for 2023. “COVID forced us to leap forward in this area, and there is no looking back. We must continue to evolve technology to make working remotely more seamless and simpler,” said Smoley. Companies with an existing Cloud investment stand ready to improve how they approach remote teamwork.

AI Influencing The Practice of Cybersecurity

As noted earlier, AI and machine learning continue to play a key role in the current digital transformation. With an increasingly interconnected online business world driven by eCommerce, cybersecurity becomes even more critical. Data protection and privacy in this environment remain paramount.

For example, machine learning models help to detect suspicious network activity more quickly. This frees up cyber professionals to focus on the most critical issues, ultimately providing better protection as a result. Expect AI to continue to impact cybersecurity over the next few years, especially in 2023.

The IoT Drives The Need for Real-Time Data Analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) is finally making a meaningful impact in the technology world. As opposed to smart homes, real-time data analysis in multiple business sectors appears to be the most important use-case. Connected devices in a factory, retail establishment, and hospitals generate valuable information for organizations able to analyze this data. As such, expect a growing need for real-time data analytics – again powered by machine learning – in 2023.

Are You Watching These Trends This Year?

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