3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Leveraging Video

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Strong marketing remains an essential competitive differentiator between successful businesses and those who are merely treading water. Increasingly, social media considerations are driving any effective campaign for generating publicity. As such, video now plays a significant role in engaging both current and potential customers, no matter your company’s industry sector.   

In short, your business needs to use video as part of its marketing strategy for any chance of success in the current marketplace. So with a successful advertising campaign in mind, here are a few reasons for leveraging video in your marketing. Soon, customers will be knocking down your door!  

Video Helps Increase Your Sales Numbers   

Adding video to your social media marketing and company website gives your sales numbers a significant boost. One study notes that including video content on a landing page increases conversions by 80 percent. Another report highlighted the fact that merely including an explainer video describing a product or service led to nearly three-quarters of those viewers purchasing the item.  

Those are pretty impressive numbers that illustrate the importance of including video as part of your organization’s marketing. Failure to do so means you are likely losing sales and profitability.  

Your Company Gets a Strong Return on Its Investment in Video   

If you are worried about the expenditures involved in producing and hosting marketing videos, don’t fret. More than 80 percent of the surveyed businesses in another study felt their organization received a significant return on its investment in video. At any rate, the costs of creating, editing, and publishing videos are smaller than you think.  

In the end, potential customers want videos that clearly explain your product or service. The lack of Hollywood blockbuster production values ultimately doesn’t matter as much as just being informational. In short, well-scripted videos are a must!  

Video Content Helps Your Webpage SEO   

There’s no denying that Google’s search engine rankings drive the visibility of your website and Internet-based marketing. A recent research study reported that you are 53 times more likely to rank first for a search phrase if you include video on that specific webpage. This data point is likely the key driver behind the increased sales and conversions highlighted in those other studies, previously noted.  

Ultimately, the bottom line is simple: your company needs to be using video today!  

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