The Uncovered Benefits of Working From Home

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The current COVID-19 pandemic increased the number of companies requiring employees to work from home, especially in the tech industry. Telecommuting used to be a perk offered to attract great candidates looking for the flexibility to foster their work-life balance. Now, it’s a necessity driven by the need to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Early reports reveal many tech companies are seeing a productivity boost due to working from home. There are also a host of other significant benefits worthy of notice. So, let’s look more closely at some of the positive impacts of telecommuting. 

Telecommuting Lets Companies Enjoy a Wider Talent Pool  

Even in the wake of a pandemic, certain IT roles remain very much in demand. This includes information security professionals, software engineers with experience in machine learning, and more. Sourcing these talented tech pros continues to be difficult. 

Working from home lets companies enjoy a wider talent pool since there’s no requirement for a candidate to relocate to an organization’s home city. The inverse is true for tech professionals, as they are able to interview with interested businesses located across the country or even the world.  

You No Longer Spend Time and Money Commuting  

Some professionals spend an hour or two (or more!) each day commuting to and from work. Remote working lets these professionals save money in either gas or public transit fares. Those extra hours also provide an opportunity for more family time, leisure activities, or the chance to learn a new tech skill. Not having to dress in business attire on a daily basis also offers significant savings. 

Fewer Distractions Leads to Higher Productivity  

As noted earlier, many IT organizations are noticing higher productivity among their employees working from home. One reason for this boost involves fewer distractions leading to an improved ability to focus on work. Having an office with a door plays a key role in avoiding interruptions when working from home.  

Companies need to offer advice to employees new to telecommuting on how to create an effective home office space. Additionally, the use of work communication applications like Slack also plays a crucial role in keeping everyone connected and productive. Regular employee meetings conducted using videoconferencing software such as Zoom or Skype also help boost morale and productivity.  

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