The Essentials of Starting a Career in Tech

Becoming a technology professional offers the potential for a lucrative career with interesting work. Don’t let the publicity about layoffs at Twitter and Facebook dissuade you, as tech jobs tend to be recession-proof. In fact, the demand for talented IT professionals remains high, with a copious amount of job openings.

If you want to begin a career in the technology field, check out our helpful advice on the topic. We cover what you need to attract hiring managers and land your first IT position. Ultimately, use our advice to build a rewarding career lasting until your retirement day.

What Are The Essentials of Starting a Career in Tech?

Choose The Right Tech Career Path For You

A good first step when embarking on a technology career involves deciding on a career path. After all, you have a myriad of options: everything from a software engineer to a data analyst. If you love art, consider becoming a UI/UX designer, building application interfaces for the web, desktop, and mobile. Research the possibilities and find something that makes a great long-term fit with your professional goals.

Determine The Tech Skills You Need to Learn

After deciding on a technology career path, explore some job listings for entry-level positions in your area of specialization. Pay close attention to the required IT skills they want in candidates. If you don’t already have the most important ones in your toolbox, training and education become important.

Many companies want technical candidates to have a bachelor’s degree, but this isn’t always a requirement. Still, a college education provides a great way to learn the relevant tech skills you need for success. However, taking a few training courses and earning a certificate or two might suffice for some businesses.

However, you need to pay close attention to the educational requirements detailed in the job description. You might find a company willing to hire you for an entry-level position without a degree. If they offer a great professional development program and tuition reimbursement, use this opportunity to add to your education.  

Build a Portfolio to Display Your Growing Experience

Naturally, an entry-level IT candidate typically lacks professional experience. So now put your training to work. Craft a portfolio of some simple applications to highlight your burgeoning design and coding skills. Host your portfolio online and add to it as your abilities grow over time.  

Craft a Résumé and Cover Letter Template

Now you need to write a concise résumé and a cover letter template to personalize for each job application. On your résumé, highlight your new skills and any relevant experience. Use the cover letter to add more detail, while tailoring it for the specific requirements of the open position. After practicing your interviewing techniques, you are ready to begin applying for IT jobs.

Ready to Start a Career in Tech?

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