How The Power of Networking Helps Advance Your Career

Growing a lucrative career remains the goal of most IT professionals no matter their specific role. Building a robust professional network makes the effort much easier compared to the alternative. For example, colleagues from your network might provide helpful advice on a pressing work problem. Perhaps you even get a lead on an intriguing job opportunity.

So let’s look more closely at the importance of networking on developing a career lasting until your retirement day. Use this information as food for thought before attending your next industry conference or joining a relevant LinkedIn Group. In short, networking plays a crucial role in advancing any tech career.

What is the True Power of Networking?

Forging Personal Relationships Benefits Any Career

It’s a simple concept. Building meaningful personal relationships benefits any IT professional throughout their career. This basic fact lies at the heart of the reason why networking remains so important.

As another example, asking someone in your network to become your mentor effectively provides you with a career guide. Consider reaching out to one or more potential mentors with managerial experience in your field. You might also get advice on what technical certifications make sense to grow your skills. Finding someone who keeps their finger on the pulse of the tech industry definitely helps in this regard.

Relying on Yourself for Professional Development

Many employers understand the importance of providing professional development opportunities to their staff. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with all businesses. As such, you need to rely on yourself to build the skills you need for a successful tech career.

Once again, having a strong network helps in this effort. We already talked about your mentor offering advice on the right IT certifications to grow your career. The simple act of networking also helps you build those critical soft skills most companies want in tech professionals. Additionally, by connecting with fellow professionals from different companies, you broaden your perspective, something beneficial for any tech pro.

Strategies For Building a Professional Network

As mentioned earlier, tech industry conferences and local mixers serve as great opportunities for in-person networking. Additionally, don’t forget about networking with your own coworkers. In fact, a trusted manager (current or former) makes a great option as a mentor.

At the same time, regularly spend time networking online. Once again, LinkedIn Groups provide a great resource for connecting with fellow professionals in your field. Consider these and other similar forums to continue to grow your network.

Want to Build a Lucrative IT Career?

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