How to Prepare For Your First Big Tech Interview

Finding your first position as a technology professional requires a clear and concise résumé and a strong interview performance. When it comes to interviewing, practice remains important, helping you to speak clearly about your relevant skills and experience. Ultimately, being prepared lets you exude confidence, helping the interviewer understand you are the right person for the job.

With a goal of earning your first IT job offer, check out this advice on interview practice and preparation. Leverage these insights to give an exemplary performance, highlighting your unique collection of technical skills. It becomes the first step towards building a rewarding career lasting until your retirement day.

How Can You Prepare For Your First Tech Interview?

Deeply Review The Technical Skills in Your Portfolio

When interviewing for an IT position, expect the interviewer to take a deep dive into your relevant technical skills. So before the interview, make it a point to review the required skills detailed in the job listing. Be prepared to answer detailed questions about them, especially during a technical interview.

For example, when interviewing for a programmer position, you might get the opportunity to write some code. So this level of preparation ensures you are ready for these kinds of technical questions. This approach helps you stay calm and clear-headed so you answer any queries with confidence.

Research the Company With Whom You Are Interviewing

In addition to reviewing your own technical skills, also spend time researching the company in question. Having this knowledge at the forefront of your mind lets you ask insightful questions when prompted by the interviewer. Focus on their current project work or any items appearing in the local or tech industry news.

Also, research the company’s leadership team, including their experience and educational background. From this information, you might find a few interesting lines of questioning.

Interview Practice Remains Critical

As noted earlier, spending some time practicing your interview techniques definitely improves your chances of a great performance. Have a friend or trusted colleague serve as the interviewer. Be sure they cover a mix of technical questions as well as probing into your experience.

Companies want to hire technology candidates with a good mix of technical and soft skills. Expect them to closely vet your verbal communication skills during the interview. Practicing ahead of time helps you to speak with clarity and confidence on the big day.

Looking for a Job in Tech?

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