What Should a Tech Résumé Look Like?

Finding any lucrative technology job begins with a compelling résumé able to attract interested hiring managers. It needs to be clear, concise, and easy to follow, allowing a recruiter to quickly determine your qualifications. Remember, some companies receive upwards of 100 or more applicants for any open IT position. Standing out from the pack remains critical!

Let’s analyze how to craft a technology résumé able to attract interested companies and land a top-shelf position. Clearly delineating your relevant skills and experience is obviously important. You also need to include the hottest keywords to help recruiters find you when searching for candidates online. Here’s a closer look!

What Should a Tech Resume Include and What Should It Look Like?

Use a Résumé Format That’s Easy to Read

As noted earlier, hiring managers typically vet a hoard of résumés for any open position: sometimes more than 100! So you must choose a résumé format that highlights your skills and experience in a concise manner. Use a format with five major sections: contact information, personal summary, work history, skills, and education. Also try to keep things to one page. Only use a two-page format if you have a lot of experience.

Tailor a Résumé for a Specific Position

Expect to use one standard résumé for online websites and social media networks, especially LinkedIn. However, when directly applying for a specific job feel free to tailor your CV for the targeted position. Modify the work history and skills section to emphasize your experience and abilities matching the job requirements.

This approach gives you a better chance of being noticed by the hiring manager and ultimately earning an interview. Be prepared to support the contents of your résumé when meeting with the company.

Highlight Your Tangible Professional Experience

Include your professional history on a résumé right after the contact information and personal summary. Use action verbs combined with facts and figures to illustrate the tangible impact you made for previous employers. As highlighted above, when applying for a specific position, tailor this section to match the job’s requirements. You want the hiring manager to envision you performing in a similar role for their organization.

Proofread Your Résumé Before Publishing or Sending It

You need to closely proofread your résumé before including in an application or publishing online. Businesses value written communication ability as a soft skill, so any errors might mean the end of your candidacy. Having a trusted colleague provide a second set of eyes for proofreading. Your recruiter also serves perfectly in this role.

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