Crack the Code: Breaking Down a Job Description’s Key Skills and Requirements

Any job search becomes easier when the open positions match your professional skills and experience. When considering technology jobs, these skills are sharply defined, as companies want professionals with experience in their tech stack. As such, understanding the details of a job description makes your search more efficient. You simply don’t waste time applying for roles for which you are unqualified.

Additionally, knowing a potential employer’s company culture helps you find an organization where you make a perfect fit. Many companies include this information as part of their job advertisements. Let’s explore how to analyze a job description, helping you apply where you have the greatest chance of success.

What Should You Look For in a Job Description?

Resist Applying for Every Open Position

Even though the demand for tech professionals remains high, resist the urge to apply for every open position. Sure, some feel casting the widest possible net returns the most interest, but this approach ultimately wastes your time. Instead, perform a deep analysis of each potential opportunity, focusing on those largely matching your skills and experience.

Pay Close Attention to any Hard Requirements on a Job Description

Of course, a full understanding of a job description ultimately determines whether or not applying makes sense. In this situation, identify the most critical skills, experience, and educational requirements for this role. If you don’t match each one, sending an application probably wastes your time and that of the hiring manager.

When considering the years of experience listed in the description, you might have some leeway. If they want 5 years of experience with a skill but you only have 4, still apply. Use the cover letter to explain your reasoning for the application. Perhaps you have other expertise that serves as a potential substitute?

What About Preferred and “Nice to Have” Job Requirements?

Any candidate matching all the preferred and “nice to have” requirements enjoys a great chance of earning an offer. However, sending in your own application still makes sense if you meet a few of these, especially the preferred. Note that landing their ideal candidate remains somewhat difficult for most employers, especially those with a slow staffing process. The top candidates only stay available for a few weeks at the most.

Use the cover letter and interview to sell yourself as an ideal person for the role. Your chances of earning an offer definitely improve, even if not a perfect match. Once again, compatibility with their company culture also remains critical!

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