Avoiding Toxic Jobs: How to Analyze Company Culture Before Accepting a Job Offer

Job hunts can be brutal. Especially in tech.

You spend hours and hours re-working your resume. You apply for who-knows-how-many jobs, each of which prompts you to create a new account for a different hiring portal (seriously, what’s up with that?). After weeks of waiting between rounds of interviews, you finally get an offer.

You’re tempted to accept the job on the spot… and rightfully so, after what you’ve been through. But is this the right career move? Or will you find yourself back on the job hunt just a few months from now?

Company culture is a leading factor for employee retention. A healthy work culture leads to employees who are happy, engaged, and given opportunities for growth.

Here are a few tips to help you asses a company’s workplace culture before you accept an incoming offer.

The Importance of Cultural Fit for Tech Candidates

Research proves that a healthy company culture benefits employees and employers alike. In many cases, tech job seekers are looking for stable gigs with professional development opportunities to boot. Businesses profit from this as well because lower employee attrition means fewer project disruptions.

AbbVie’s HR chief, Tim Richmond, recently commented on the importance of prioritizing company culture in the business world. “I think it’s one of those differentiating factors between a good employer and maybe a great employer,” he said.

If you want to find a great employer, you must do a little extra research.

How to Research Company Culture

There’s no better way to learn about a company’s workplace culture than by speaking with someone on the inside. You can start by reaching out to colleagues from your professional network. If you don’t know anyone personally, search the company on LinkedIn and look for second-degree connections. Ask them about their time at the company, and, more often than not, they’ll lay it all out for you.

If you’re not comfortable reaching out to current or former employees directly, another option is checking out Glassdoor and other websites that publish anonymous opinions about businesses from current and former employees. While insights from obviously disgruntled former employees need to be taken with a grain of salt, they can still contain a few useful grains of truth.

Additionally, search for news stories featuring the company in question. Did they recently announce layoffs? Have they been embroiled in lawsuits? If you are a union worker, is the company in good standing? All these factors can be indicative of a company’s workplace culture.

Find a Company with a Compatible Mission Statement

Finding a company that aligns with your personal values can make work immensely more enjoyable. In fact, Tim Richmond said finding a company with a compelling mission and values needs to be your main goal. We spend much of our lives at work. It’s important that the work is fulfilling.

At Technology Partners, our company culture is our top priority. In an industry where rapid turnover has become “the norm,” we’re proud of the fact that our average employee tenure is seven years. We know our people are what’s most important, and we want to help you find a job that you love.

Ready to Find Your Next Career in Tech?

If you need help finding your next job in tech, shoot us an email at careers@technologypartners.net.

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