Juggling Two IT Job Offers? Here’s How to Pick the Right One!

Juggling Two IT Job Offers? Here’s How to Pick the Right One!

Your technology job search efforts resulted in a jackpot! Now you need to decide between two great offers. Although, it has become clear that the process of deciding may be more difficult than actually looking for work. Obviously, this is a choice that needs to be right, considering both your current situation and future career prospects.

With making the right decision in mind, here are a few tips to ensure you keep things upfront and professional. Perhaps that final choice becomes easier than you think? Good luck in whatever you decide!

  • Get Both Offers in Writing Before Deciding

Remember that job offers given verbally don’t carry the legal weight of a written offer. Ask for the offer to be provided in writing before agreeing to consider it. Another day or two of time for contemplation is an additional advantage of this approach.

Don’t begin your analysis of the offers or any negotiations with either company until receiving the first in writing. Taking a calm and well-considered tack at this point in the process only benefits you.

  • Always Be Upfront and Honest About the Situation

Hiding the fact you are still discussing a position with another company to the organization that first made an offer is a poor approach. Divulge this information and ask for some additional time before deciding.

If the first company wants your answer as soon as possible, factor that into your decision-making process. If it sounds like a great company, with a good cultural fit, maybe your choice becomes easier.

The most important point is to be truthful and upfront about the situation. Don’t try to get the two companies to engage in a bidding war over your services. Depending on their reaction, you might end up with both offers being rescinded.

  • A Professional Approach at the Conclusion of the Process

Whenever a final decision is made, thanking both organizations – especially the one being left at the altar – is the professional approach. You’d be surprised how small the technology community is. Perhaps you might be interviewing with your second choice a few years down the road?

Leaving all parties with a good impression on your technical skills, experience and professionalism offers the best chance at career growth, both now and in the future.


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