Beyond The Résumé: What Else Do Tech Recruiters Want?

When looking for a new technology position, you obviously need a résumé that clearly details your relevant skills and experience. However, recruiters prefer candidates who bring more to the table beyond their technical ability. For example, many companies want IT professionals with strong communication skills along with leadership potential.

To help you land your dream technology job, check out these insights on what recruiters want beyond the résumé. Use this information to highlight your skills in other meaningful ways. In the end, expect to attract more interested recruiters, resulting in a successful job search.

What Do Tech Recruiters Want Besides a Resume?

Soft Skills Matter For Technology Employers

As highlighted above, tech employers want to hire well-rounded candidates with a strong collection of soft skills. In addition to the previously mentioned communication and leadership abilities, they want to employ professionals known for problem-solving. An affinity for teamwork is also important, considering the relevance of Agile and DevOps within the industry. Highlight any soft skills on your résumé, cover letter, and during an interview.

Include Professional Certifications and Continuing Education

Companies also want to employ tech professionals who understand the importance of keeping their skills current. As such, use your résumé to highlight any relevant certifications you earned. Also include any continuing education courses in that section of your CV. Having this information on the online version of your résumé also attracts recruiters searching for candidates online.

Highlight Your Collaborative Coding Efforts

Software developers need to include a link to their GitHub or similar code repository to highlight their coding skills. Working on open-source coding projects – or even your own software – adds significant weight to your candidacy. This portfolio provides recruiters with tangible evidence of your programming abilities.

This approach also illustrates your experience in a recently learned programming language. Collaborative or solo coding projects also provide a way to put your latest certification to the test. Taking a proactive approach to learning new things remains very attractive to tech employers.

Professional Social Media Activity

Recruiters typically peruse the social media accounts of candidates. In addition to the popular social networks, this also includes LinkedIn and other tech forums. If you regularly answer questions and mentor fellow colleagues, it illustrates your leadership potential. Keep this in mind during your online interactions.

Looking for a New Job in IT?

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