The Rise of Remote Work: Hiring Strategies to Adapt to a Virtual World

As the COVID pandemic slowly wanes, it appears remote working is here to stay. While some companies want a return to the office, many professionals – especially IT pros – prefer to work from home. Successfully attracting tech candidates requires businesses to consider these needs before starting any staffing process.

Ultimately, your company needs to adapt its hiring approach to recruit modern technology professionals. As such, check out these helpful strategies to ensure your staffing efforts result in success. After all, the continued high demand for experienced IT talent requires businesses to consider the remote employment approach.

Hiring Strategies for a Remote World

Offering Remote Work Widens Your Candidate Pool

As noted above, the demand for experienced technical talent remains high. This is especially the case for certain roles, like cybersecurity engineers and mobile developers. As a result, some companies struggle to hire IT professionals, especially when following in-office or hybrid employment models.

Simply offering remote work as an option greatly expands your company’s candidate pool. This includes experienced tech pros across the country or even the world. If your staffing plans aren’t successful, consider providing telecommuting as an option.

Video Conferencing Technology Becomes Critical

When employing a remote workforce, keeping everyone engaged and inspired requires a proactive approach. This includes regularly holding in-person and one-on-one meetings over video. Ensure your company invests in high-quality video conferencing technology and the collaborative tools to manage remote teams.

This need for video also applies when conducting virtual interviews. Also, consider a candidate’s digital proficiency during the interview process. Modern companies want virtual employees able to stay productive in a remote environment.

Leverage a Virtual Onboarding Process

When hiring a remote candidate, your company now needs to engage in a virtual onboarding process. It’s another area where having the right tools makes this process easier. Engage your HR team in finding a software suite to manage this process for your remote hires.

A well-considered onboarding process remains a critical part of making remote employees feel like they belong. It also greatly influences whether an employee stays with your organization over the long haul. In fact, this same concept also applies when hiring in-office candidates. In short, your onboarding process directly influences the company’s retention rate.

Looking for Top Talent?

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