Managing Your Work-Life Balance When Remote Working

Remote working remains a common practice in the IT world, even as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic wane. Many technology professionals work from home every day or only come into the office a few days per week. It allows them to avoid the hassle of commuting while still maintaining high productivity levels.

While keeping a healthy work-life balance continues as a goal for most remote workers, it requires a proactive approach. Check out these tips on how to successfully balance your personal and professional lives when working from home. Use this information to remain a productive and valuable employee either at home or in the office.

How Can You Manage a Good Work-Life Balance While Working Remote?

Maintain a Normal Working Schedule

Following a regular work schedule plays a crucial role in keeping your work and personal lives separate. After all, when telecommuting, it becomes easier to be drawn into work-related tasks when you need to relax. Closing your home office at the same time each day ensures you get sufficient time to recharge your batteries. Leverage the time you normally spend commuting to stay on schedule with your work assignments.

Keep a Boundary Between Your Work and Home Life

Somewhat related to that last point, you ultimately need to set sufficient boundaries between your work and home. You probably don’t want to be available at home on a 24/7 basis, except when on call. Be sure to let your manager and coworkers know your available hours. At the same time, mark yourself as “unavailable” in Slack or the collaboration tool used by your company.

Prioritize Your Health and Well-Being

Working from home likely makes it easier to focus on staying healthy – both mentally and physically. The lack of a daily commute definitely reduces your stress levels. Also use regular meditation sessions to avoid becoming too burned out on your work assignments. Additionally, take advantage of the fact that eating healthy and exercising becomes easier when at home.

Make Sure You Have a Home Office

Having a well-appointed home office with a door lets you stay focused on your work. You avoid distractions by family members, roommates, or even pets. Working from your couch remains a poor choice when trying to maintain a high productivity level. When finished for the day, simply close the door to your office until the following morning.

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