The Cybersecurity Demand

You could probably rattle off close to a dozen companies that have suffered security compromises. A lot of highly publicized cases were broadcasted, but the group of smaller, lesser-known firms facing similar threats is also increasing. Our CEO was interviewed for several news publications last year, discussing the increasing need for cybersecurity experts across the country:

Job openings in cybersecurity are already seeing increasing demand. We anticipate at least that much growth in [2015], especially as federal penalties for breaches become inevitably steeper. Health care in particular is not paying attention to those regulations, mostly because it’s all new to them —the regulations are new, the management of electronic records is new, and creating an effective system of protection for that data is new. They’re unprepared to deal with these new difficulties, and, largely, that expertise does not exist in house.
Lisa Nichols, as featured in the St. Louis Business Journal
Not only is the healthcare industry facing challenges in maintaining data security, but this is a common problem across all industries that we’d like to help solve by placing the most qualified security professionals into roles to protect our clients’ assets.

While we have had great success finding the best cybersecurity experts for our clients, there is a real skills gap in our industry today that needs to be addressed in order to effectively fight back at the hackers and threats we’re facing. In fact, SC Magazine recently released an article highlighting three main pitfalls within the cybersecurity spectrum – lack of common, definable, and relatable job titles, no clear career mapping for goals and growth, and the need for industry-wide collaboration in confronting these issues. This is a great read and really drives home the growing necessity of cybersecurity experts in the marketplace. The article also states that there are an estimated 300,000 – 1,000,000 vacant cybersecurity positions today.

Trust us when we say the demand is there, and we will do everything we can to increase the supply. Let us help you identify your current security risks.

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