How to Search for Jobs During the Holiday Season

The Holidays need not cause a delay in looking for a great technology job. In fact, the lower competition during this time of the year helps your chances of finding work. It provides a great opportunity to stand out as a top candidate for the potential job of your dreams.

If you are planning on a job search during the holiday season, check out our helpful advice. Even if hiring slows down in December, companies still want to find talented IT candidates. Leverage these tips and insights to boost your chances of landing a great gig before the new year.

How to Plan to Job Search During the Holidays

BLS Data Reveals The Holiday Hiring Slowdown is Lower than Expected

Common sense seems to indicate business hiring slows down during the holiday season. The concept makes sense as recruiters and hiring managers typically take time off at this time. However, data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals this downturn remains smaller than expected.

According to career strategist Anne Genduso: “there may be a little small downturn from September on, but it is never something huge.” As mentioned above, take advantage of any slowdown to stand out among the technology candidate pool. In short, don’t let the holidays dissuade you from starting your IT job search.

Use Your Professional Network during a Holiday Job Search

Having a strong professional network provides significant benefits during any technology career. This includes learning about potential job opportunities, in many cases before they are posted publicly. Leverage this resource when conducting a job search during the holiday season. It’s a great way to reconnect with colleagues and get the word out about your availability.

Adopt a More Detailed Job Search Strategy

A holiday slowdown lets you take your time when conducting a technology job search. Use this opportunity to research potential employers more deeply, focusing on finding somewhere with a great cultural fit. Look for companies with strong professional development programs, helping you sharpen your tech skills for a long-term IT career.

Be Patient and Persistent

Once again, tech employers still hire great candidates in December! Nevertheless, if things seem slower, you need to remain patient and persistent. You might have to wait a bit longer to hear back after an interview or an application. Keeping a positive attitude surely pays off in the end.

Looking for a New Job?

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