Tired of Job Hopping? Here’s How to Find an IT Career You’ll Love!

Tired of Job Hopping? Here’s How to Find an IT Career You’ll Love!

If your career to date is filled with a succession of job hopping and short-term gigs, it may be time for a new strategy. If professional success and lucrative earnings remain your ultimate goal, consider moving into the technology field. Jobs are plentiful, boasting interesting work with forward-looking organizations on some of the latest innovations in the industry. What’s not to like?
With the goal of a rewarding IT career in mind, here are a few tips on how to begin your path as a technology professional. Leverage these ideas to reach the professional goals of your dreams.

A Proactive Approach Works Best

Maybe the reason you move from job to job involves being too reactive? You don’t like your boss or the work is boring, so you simply move on to your next gig. While this approach helps you eke out a living, it isn’t the best strategy for long-term success.

Instead, think and act proactively. If you want to move into IT, figure out a desired career path. Software engineering, data science, business analysis, network administration and information security are all valid technology roles with a copious amount of job opportunities.

Gain Valuable Experience in Your Current Role

Just quitting your job and jumping into an IT job search isn’t wise. Instead, stay in your current role and gain the additional experience you need for success. Companies want tech pros with soft skills like leadership, problem solving and communication.

Spend after-hours time taking training or continuing education courses to get the tech skills you need. Also, consider volunteering at a nonprofit or charity to gain some practical experience.

Craft a Job Search Plan – and Execute It!

At this point, you are likely able to devise a well-considered plan to find the IT job of your dreams. Write a clear and concise resume that focuses on your freshly learned tech skills as well as the professional experience that transfers to a technology role. Use the cover letter to better explain your career path and a desire to be a top-notch IT professional.

Additionally, consider partnering with an experienced technical recruiter to put efforts into overdrive. They help you truly execute your job search plan, while reviewing your resume and cover letter template in the process. Ultimately, it gives you the best chance at success.


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