4 Skills Employers Want to Find in Developers

If you are looking for a job as a developer, it is important you emphasize you have the key skills employers are looking for. While every company is different and requirements may vary from position to position, there are some core traits that most organizations hiring developers tend to seek out. These include:


  • Knowledge of programming languages:

    This hard skill is one of the essentials if you hope to be hired as a developer. You need to know the programming languages you’ll be using in your role as a developer and show expertise in using those languages to develop practical products with real-world applications.

  • A willingness and ability to learn:

    The IT industry is always evolving and things are not going to stay the same forever. The programming languages and skills you need today may be totally different from the knowledge you need 10 years down the line. Companies want to know you’re passionate about staying on top of new developments as well as eager and willing to embrace new ideas.

  • Attention to detail:

    Developers need to be focused on every detail as a simple mistake could have catastrophic results and could be difficult to discover. Show you are focused on the small stuff by turning in error-free application materials and having proof of past projects where your focus on details helped to identify and resolve issues.

  • Teamwork skills:

    You will inevitably need to work with others as a programmer, so you need to be able to do it well. This means having good communication skills and a willingness to share the spotlight with others on your team.

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