Are Pre-Employment Assessments Necessary in Tech?

During any hiring process, your business needs to ensure it makes the right choice between candidates. This effort includes the focused analysis of résumés, meaningful interviews, and a detailed candidate rating system. Your company also must consider using technical interviews and pre-employment assessments as a critical part of this process.

With a goal of making the right hire, check out these insights on using pre-employment candidate assessments when staffing. We cover the pros and cons of the concept with a goal of helping your organization decide on the wisest approach. Considering the costs of any staffing process, improving your chances of a successful hire ultimately makes the most sense.

Should Tech Companies Still Use Pre-Employment Assessments?

Pre-Employment Assessments Optimize Your Staffing Process

Whenever you post a job ad, your HR team might be tasked with analyzing potentially 100 or more résumés. This massive number of CVs strains the resources of nearly all HR departments, especially at smaller businesses. Using pre-employment assessments in tandem with résumé screening lets your team focus on only the most qualified candidates.

Leveraging an applicant tracking system with AI-powered skills-matching algorithms definitely helps with screening unqualified candidates. Engaging pre-employment testing after that step ultimately builds a stronger candidate pool. At that point, your team now has the necessary information to interview the top candidates. This optimized staffing process improves your chances of landing the best applicants before they consider another company’s offer.

Some Candidates Refuse to Take Pre-Employment Assessments

A recent study reveals slightly more than 50 percent of candidates refuse to take a pre-employment assessment. In some cases, these applicants understand they aren’t truly qualified for the open position and forego the test. However, you also might lose a few good candidates by requiring this extra step. It’s an important issue you need to consider before deciding whether to include this level of testing.

Weighing The Pros and Cons of Pre-Employment Testing

First, you need to take into account the pros of a higher-quality candidate pool and streamlined staffing process. Both of these advantages ultimately increase your chances of hiring a better candidate in a more efficient fashion. At the same time, potentially losing a few top-shelf applicants that refuse a pre-employment assessment also warrants consideration. Still, the improved ability to vet candidates before investing the time and resources of interviews benefits your hiring efforts.

Need to Hire Top Talent in Tech?

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