Here’s How You Can Attract Passive IT Candidates to Your Business

Looking to hire top candidates for open IT positions? You should be aware that some of the best workers  have jobs already, but may be open to new employment even if they are not actively looking for work. By finding a way to connect with these passive candidates, your company can get a leg up on the competition and bring some truly talented workers on board.

Unfortunately, finding ways to connect to these passive candidates can be much more challenging than just hiring people who approach you. The good news is, there are ways to effectively recruit passive candidates. You can:

  • Make use of artificial intelligence:

    AI tools can scour vast quantities of information about potential candidates and analyze data to predict which candidates might be most receptive to employment opportunities. By allowing AI to review so much data at once, it will be much easier to develop a potential pool of candidates you can reach out to.

  • Connect with passive candidates on social media:

    When you’ve identified talented professionals you want to recruit for your organization, using social media tools can make it easier to connect. While there are many recruiters competing for talent on LinkedIn, you can source candidate contact information from the site and reach out directly. You can also use Facebook and Twitter to help you find and connect with potential candidates.

  • Build a strong employer brand:

    Employees are much more likely to jump ship and come to your organization if your company has a reputation for being a great place to work. Make sure you’re developing a positive company culture so reviews and information about your employer brand are positive and ensure you are offering reasonable benefits and compensation in line with industry expectations. You should also showcase growth opportunities, and encourage employees to be active about sharing positive company news and content on their personal social media pages.

  • Be flexible with the interviewing process:

    Many passive candidates find it difficult to juggle interviews with existing jobs and are unwilling to consider moving to a new company because of it. If you can make interviews work with a candidate’s schedule, they’re more likely to explore whether they’d be a good member of your team.

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