What Should You Bring to a Tech Job Interview?

Congratulations on earning a job interview with a top IT company in the industry. A well-crafted résumé highlighting your technical skills and tangible work experience definitely paid dividends. Now the real work begins, as you need to prepare for the big day. This includes practicing your interviewing techniques, researching the company in question, and studying your own résumé.

At the same time, you probably want to know what items to bring to the interview. Ultimately, leaving something critical at home (or in another room for a remote interview) makes you seem unprepared. So let’s take a closer look at this important interview preparation step that some interviewees overlook.

What Do You Need for Your Tech Job Interview?

Bring Multiple Copies of Your Résumé

If attending an in-person interview, bring enough copies of your résumé to provide to multiple interviewers. At least 5 copies ensure enough for most situations. Store them in a folder or portfolio to keep them from becoming wrinkled. Of course, expect a digital version of your résumé to suffice for remote interviews.

A Notepad is Critical

Having a notepad and a pen to take notes during an interview remains a critical item to remember. This rule applies to both remote and in-person interviews. It shows the interviewer that you are attentive and interested in their responses. Refer to your notes when prompted to ask any questions of your own.

In fact, take a few notes when researching the company to use for your own questions. This pre-interview task remains important in ensuring a successful performance. It illustrates how much you prepared for the interview and your true interest in the company’s open position.

Have References Ready in Case They Are Needed

Companies typically turn to references to differentiate between their top candidates before making a final hiring decision. So prepare a list of references to give to the interviewer if asked. Provide contact information for each, including phone number and email address, as well as their current title and employer.

Reach out to potential references beforehand to ensure their willingness to vouch for your skills and experience. Consider asking former managers or team leads to serve in this role when you begin your job search.

Directions to The Interview Location

You never want to get lost on the way to an in-person interview. Make sure to refer to Google Maps or a similar service to get accurate directions to the interview location. Plan on arriving at least 15-20 minutes early to account for heavy traffic.

Ready For Your Interview?

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