Out of The Box Ways to Find Your Dream Job

When searching for work, you probably just update your résumé and post your availability on LinkedIn and similar websites. While this approach obviously makes sense, it might not provide the best chance at landing your dream job. In this scenario, using a creative or “out of the box” strategy just might find that perfect opportunity.

So let’s look more closely at a few unique job search methods for finding that proverbial dream job. Use this information to add a measure of variety to your next job search. In the end, partnering with a top-shelf technical staffing agency, like Technology Partners, also makes perfect sense.

How Can You Find Your Dream Job?

Use Social Media Beyond LinkedIn

While LinkedIn remains the top social media platform for professionals, other social networks provide value to any job search. However, this approach especially helps if you regularly use Twitter, Facebook, and similar platforms to highlight your career accomplishments. It offers another great opportunity to expand your professional network, which serves as a potential resource for job leads. At the same time, be sure to avoid posting any professionally embarrassing content on those social media accounts.

Publish a Blog Related to Your Work

If you boast strong written communication skills, leverage them by publishing a blog focused on your career. Posting articles relevant to your profession ultimately positions you as a thought leader in your field. If the blog goes viral, expect a myriad number of intriguing job opportunities to arrive on your doorstep. If you don’t want the hassle of managing a blog, simply post the articles on LinkedIn.

Build a Portfolio of Previous Work

Having a robust portfolio of previous work also serves as a great companion to your résumé. Designers use them to provide tangible examples of user interfaces and other graphics used on websites and in applications. Software engineers might include a GitHub repository of code, especially if they worked on open-source projects.

Some candidates even include their certifications and licenses in their portfolios. This approach ultimately helps you stand out among other candidates for your dream job.

Craft an Infographic to Enhance Your Résumé

Including a well-crafted infographic to highlight some of your professional accomplishments enhances the contents of your résumé. In fact, this strategy especially makes sense for designers and even developers. Once again, it provides the means to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Ready to Start Applying For Jobs?

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