Why LinkedIn Networking is so Important to Your Job Search 

It comes as no surprise that, over time, searching for a job became a mostly online exercise. In fact, job-seekers now leverage a host of social media networks to source intriguing IT opportunities. While finding work on Facebook or other services remains possible, LinkedIn offers the best option for nearly all professionals.  

LinkedIn continues to enjoy a status as the preeminent social network for professionals, including those working in technology. It offers unique networking opportunities to potentially find out about lucrative job opportunities, sometimes even before the general public. So let’s take a closer look at the importance of LinkedIn networking to your next IT job search.  

Why Is It Important to Network on Linkedin?

Networking on LinkedIn Helps Your Marketability  

LinkedIn offers the ability to connect with other tech professionals, especially those working in a similar IT discipline. Use this opportunity to learn more about the latest advancements in your field. For career development purposes, consider earning a certification in one of these innovations attracting notice. This approach helps you add to your technical skills inventory, making you more marketable to technology employers.  

Hear About Interesting Job Opportunities Before The Public  

Your LinkedIn network also serves as a valuable source for new IT job opportunities. In fact, some of these might even be unadvertised, as noted earlier. So stay engaged with your network connections, especially those who work at a company that especially intrigues you. In fact, this word-of-mouth job search strategy remains one of the biggest advantages of any professional network.  

Find a Mentor to Help Forge Your Career Path  

Any technology professional benefits from having a trusted mentor. Notably, your LinkedIn network provides a great resource for finding a career mentor. Their advice pays dividends throughout your professional life, especially when it comes time to look for a new job. See what they think about a potential job opportunity or even whether to switch technology disciplines. The opinion of a senior-level technology professional helps keep you on a path to success.  

Market Yourself on LinkedIn  

Remember, your LinkedIn profile essentially serves as an online version of your résumé. As such, be sure to always keep it up to date. Also consider posting relevant technology articles or even write a few of your own. Positioning yourself as an industry thought leader in this manner remains a great marketing tool whenever looking for work.  

Ready to Start Networking?

Of course, partnering with an experienced IT recruiter also supercharges your next job search. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in St. Louis, we know the companies looking for talented candidates. Connect with us as soon as possible to take your tech career to a higher level.  

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