How to Sharpen Your Technology Skills For Your Next Great Role

In any successful technology career, learning only ends on your day of retirement. You need to continually add new skills and sharpen your current technical abilities to remain marketable. After all, does a candidate with exceptional Flash programming skills attract much interest in the current job market? 

Ultimately understanding your technical weaknesses helps identify the areas where you need additional training. Let’s look more closely at this periodic form of self-analysis necessary for any technology professional. Additionally, we also provide a high-level overview of a few training platforms that help you sharpen your IT skills.  

How to Sharpen Your Technology Skills

Taking Stock of Your Current Technical Skills  

Regular self-analysis is critical for any technology professional to determine any gaps in your technical skills. Spend some time at least once per year to review your current abilities. Compare these against the hottest IT skills on the current market.  

If any of these emerging technologies interest you, like AI or data science, reskill by acquiring the education you need. As noted earlier, a variety of platforms offer training in technology topics. Figure out which one provides the best fit for your needs.  

LinkedIn is also a Training Resource  

In addition to being the top social network for professionals, LinkedIn also offers a training platform. Their courses span a wide range of business topics and include classes appropriate for tech pros. LinkedIn Learning costs $19 per month with one free trial month. You receive a certificate for successfully completing courses.  

The courses are provided online, led by expert-level instructors. One relevant topic for IT professionals is the popular programming language, Python, used in machine learning and data science applications. Docker, the container platform widely seen in Cloud-based software development environments, is another option. General IT topics, like DevOps and SQL, abound. It’s a great option when your employer doesn’t offer its own training program.  

Udemy Provides Many Options for Technology Training  

A popular online training resource, Udemy offers courses covering a wide array of technology topics. A quick sampling reveals courses on React, JavaScript, AWS Cloud architecture, and more. Each class has its own fee which typically varies from $15 to $20.  

Cloud Academy is Another Online Training Resource 

Cloud Academy is another top online training resource focusing on the technology world. Expect courses covering software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and the Cloud. It’s a pretty expensive service, with a fee of $39 per month or $399 per year.  

Before spending on an online training resource, see if your current employer offers its own training program. Perhaps they might reimburse you for the costs of one of the above services? If not, consider looking for another opportunity.  

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