What Can Your Business Do to Implement Cloud Migration Successfully?

Cloud migration is necessary if you want to move business elements – including data and applications – from an internal network to the cloud. Cloud migration is also essential if you’re moving to a different cloud from the one where your data is currently stored.

Companies are increasingly embracing the cloud because of the convenience that comes with storing data on dedicated servers that can be accessed from anywhere. Finding the right cloud platform and migrating to it makes good business sense; however, but be sure to consider these key issues when you’re thinking about migration:

How will your company benefit from cloud migration?

Cloud migration can be a complicated process to undertake and is not necessarily worth doing in every situation. You need to consider the benefits that come with migration and weigh those benefits against the potential financial costs and other downsides.

What are the technical changes that will need to take place?

When you transition to a different cloud platform, you must ensure compatibility of software and hardware stored in and/or accessed from the cloud. You also need to develop a plan for providing appropriate training to all staff members on using the new cloud platform.

What costs are there to consider?

You should think about the costs of the cloud migration process, as well as any changes in expenditures for the new cloud. If the cloud is hosted off-site, how much must be paid for hosting? If you’re hosting your own personal cloud, what did the servers cost to buy and what will they cost to maintain? Run the numbers before deciding to migrate.

What are the best practices for cloud migration?

You want to fully transition to the new cloud without shutting down access to the old one. Make sure all of your software and documents are compatible with your new cloud platform. Test the new platform to make sure everything is working and data is accessible before taking any action to eliminate the old cloud.

Work With a Leader in IT Solutions

Technology Partners can take care of cloud migration for you so everything is done right and you don’t need to worry about a loss of any applications or data. Our IT professionals can also partner with you to monitor operations of your cloud going forward to ensure you continue using the right cloud platform and your data remains accessible to you but safe from those who wish to cause harm. To find out more about how we can help with cloud migration, give us a call today to work with a leader in IT solutions.


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