How to Spring Clean Your Data With the Cloud

How to Spring Clean Your Data With The Cloud

With the arrival of spring, it’s the time of year to do some spring cleaning. You can clean more than your physical space — do some digital cleaning to improve your cloud data protection. Check out these tips for improving your data protection in the cloud.

How to Protect Data in the Cloud

If you want the most reliable storage and security, here are a few ways you can spring clean your data:

  • Back up your files: A backup of your critical files ensures you won’t lose important data if something happens to the original file. You can rely on the backup file to keep business running as usual.
  • Update your software: Old software has vulnerabilities hackers can exploit. The latest software has security patches that make it the most secure. Plus, updated software keeps your programs operating as they should.
  • Get rid of old devices: Does your company have physical devices it doesn’t use anymore? These devices may still have data on them. Digitally or physically destroy the unwanted data, then get rid of the device itself.
  • Delete unused applications and accounts: Like devices, your company may have some apps or accounts that have fallen out of use. These apps and accounts might contain sensitive information vulnerable to hackers. Delete these accounts, then remove the application itself from your network.
  • Clean out your email inbox: Email contains information about yourself and those you communicate with, from clients and coworkers to family. Keep only the most important emails and delete the rest.

How Cloud Services Protect and Save Data

Cloud services offer better protection for your data than in-house resources can offer. Cloud providers like Technology Partners have robust and powerful security measures to protect their customers’ data. These measures include:

  • Encrypted storage to make files harder to access.
  • Regular security updates to best protect data.
  • Built-in firewalls to remove suspicious traffic.

Cloud data protection also saves your data, so you’ll always have backups available. We use redundancy to store copies of your data across several servers so you can access your data at any time. If a server goes down, you can easily get your data from another server.

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