Scared to Store Data in the Cloud? Here are Three Cloud Myths Debunked

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The Cloud remains one of the most significant technological innovations of the last decade. Companies continue to leverage “as a Service” solutions to transfer some or all of their technical infrastructure to Cloud-based service providers. Even consumers use the Cloud to back up vital data, including photos and other media.   

But is it safe? If you worry about Cloud data being accessed by hackers or other nefarious agents, you might hesitate to move your company’s IT operations to a service provider. Let’s take a look at a few debunked Cloud myths, including data security, to mitigate those fears.  

Storing Data in The Cloud Isn’t Safe.  

The stubborn Cloud myth about data security still haunts the minds of many CIOs. Hacking incidents appearing in the news regularly likely has something to do with that. Even the vast majority of Cloud-based providers take pride in their information security practices.  

Siki Giunta, global managing director, and cloud strategy lead at Accenture commented on this myth. “Cloud providers take security extremely seriously. They have to; otherwise, they would have no business,” said Giunta. In short, data is more secure with a Cloud provider than most companies’ own on-premises data centers.  

Auditing a Cloud or Hybrid Technical Infrastructure is Difficult   

Some CIOs feel companies with a Cloud-based or hybrid technical infrastructure find it difficult to audit their IT operations. Marina Nitze, former CTO of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, disagrees.   

“In fact, with proper tooling, you can conduct much better audits in a cloud-based environment. Spending time with those who conduct audits day today and walking them through how they can use tools … and how these tools can alleviate some of the current pain points in their jobs can help bust this myth,” says Nitze.   

The Cloud is a Technology Job-Killer   

Many technology professionals, especially network administrators, feel the Cloud is something out to take their jobs, sharing a similar tech “boogeyman” status with robotics and automation. This isn’t the case.   

In most situations, their role changes into something with more responsibility managing access to Cloud services and applications as well as strategic planning duties. Network personnel at companies with a hybrid infrastructure still hold responsibility for on-premises equipment and services.  

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