Signs Your Expectations Are Too High For Yourself and Others

Setting realistic expectations remains an important soft skill for technology managers. Failure to do so leads to a downturn in morale when a project goes poorly and ultimately fails. Alternatively, when expectations are properly set, improved inspiration and exemplary performance are the usual results.  

What follows is a closer look at the role of goals and expectations for any technology leader. Leverage these insights to scope work more effectively – a critical skill when you are a manager hoping to reach the corner office. It’s the right approach for forging a successful IT career.  

Unrealistic Expectations are a Risk For Your Organization  

Managers who set their expectations too high for their team run the risk of failed projects, poor employee morale, and, ultimately, a lower retention rate. With technology initiatives, expectations typically relate to the project’s timeline, the number of assigned resources, or even its budget.  

The time-honored Triple Constraint comes into play here, as every project risks failure without proper backing, including the time, human resources, and budget to ensure success. Missed delivery dates and an overall poor quality of work due to unrealistic expectations also put the company’s reputation at risk. 

On the other hand, setting a few short-term goals helps your team quickly achieve a few successes, boosting morale and productivity. This approach is one of the hallmarks of the Agile software development methodology, which breaks up larger projects into smaller pieces known as “sprints.”  

In short, rightsizing your expectations plays a key role in success as a manager. After all, project managers tend to be judged on whether a project succeeds or fails, and not as much on whether it was correctly scoped.  

Tips For Properly Setting Expectations  

When scoping a project, managers need to take care to make certain everything can be completed successfully on time and on budget. Clearly define the project requirements, accurately determine the amount of resources required to finish it successfully, manage the project proactively, and regularly update stakeholders on its status. This approach ensures a steady effort and no surprises that lead to a failed initiative.  

Also, include your senior-level employees when scoping a project. Their insights likely ensure a more accurate estimation of the overall effort. Expect a more inspired performance from your team when they are part of this process. 

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