Interesting Career Paths for Programmers

One of the biggest advantages of a technology career involves the wide array of interesting opportunities available to candidates. Even a software engineering role spans everything from building interactive websites to writing code for a hardware device. Intriguing career paths abound for anyone with the right skills, experience, and persistence.

If you want to take your programming career somewhere different, check out these potential opportunities. No field offers the multitude of alternate career paths as the world of software engineering. The possibilities are nearly endless! Use these insights to get the training and experience you need to build a rewarding profession.

What Career Paths Are There For Programmers?

Become a Developer Evangelist

If you love coding and are a people person, consider becoming a developer evangelist. These tech professionals grow and support a community around a business’s software product. Strong written and verbal communication skills help you qualify for this role.

Expect to spend a significant amount of time writing blogs as well as attending industry conferences and similar events. Obviously, this position makes it easy to build a strong professional network, providing benefits until your retirement day.

Senior Developers Make Great Project Managers

A career as a developer might result in becoming a senior-level team lead, helping new programmers learn the trade. If you enjoy serving in this role, take things a step further by moving into project management. Project managers also need great people skills as they serve as a conduit between developers and business stakeholders. Still, this additional responsibility results in a higher salary and a possibility to move into the executive suite.

The High Demand For Data Scientists Continues

A career as a data scientist offers a unique opportunity for developers with a special affinity for data. They help companies glean actionable information from their business data. The demand for these professionals remains strong with lucrative salaries available as a result.

Data scientist positions require a mix of programming chops, AI experience, strong database knowledge, and advanced math skills. Some companies prefer to hire data scientists with an advanced degree, so keep this in mind if interested.

Become an Entrepreneur

Many promising new startups are based on a great software idea. If you are a creative programmer with a keen sense for business, form your own startup. Successful entrepreneurs enjoy a lucrative earnings potential that far exceeds most other programming positions.

Looking for a Programming Job?

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