How to Survive The First 90 Days of Your New Tech Job

Starting a new technology job might cause some consternation, especially for those just beginning their IT career. However, having a new manager and coworkers provides a chance to make connections in the technology world. Still, it helps to have a plan to both survive and thrive in your fresh gig!

With the goal of a successful new IT job, check out these useful tips and insights. Leverage this advice to become productive in your latest role as quickly as possible. It offers you a great opportunity to build a successful tech career that lasts until your retirement day.

How Can You Survive The First 90 Days of Your Tech Job

Relationship Building is Important for New Employees

In addition to becoming productive, use the first months on a job to forge professional relationships within the team. Of course, this includes your manager as well as senior leadership at the company. At the same time, don’t overlook your fellow coworkers. Building a large professional network in this manner pays dividends throughout any technology career.

Work With Your Manager to Set a Few Achievable Short-Term Goals

Having some tangible goals during the first 90 days at a job helps you quickly become productive. While having a few personal goals makes sense, work with your boss to set some targets related to your job. Regularly meet with them during this period to report your progress or get any problems solved, if they arise. Being proactive in this manner benefits your professional development throughout any career.

Adopt Good Working Habits

During your first few months at a new job, you want to stand out for having great work habits. This includes staying after hours when necessary and never showing up late in the morning. Also resist the urge to waste time on your smartphone or other activities that siphon productivity. This advice applies whether you work in an office or at home.  

Be a Great Listener

As you get introduced to the company leadership and fellow coworkers, being a good listener is a must. Use this opportunity to learn more about the business and its operational strategies. This approach especially benefits you when learning about the company’s applications and tech stack. Offer suggestions for improvements when obvious, but don’t make it a focus right after joining the organization.

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