Rekindle The Flame: How to Improve Company Culture in a Post-Pandemic World

The advent of remote working in the wake of COVID-19 makes fostering company culture a more challenging process. While many tech employees prefer working from home, most businesses want to adopt a more hybrid approach. Nevertheless, a proactive methodology to building culture makes teamwork and collaboration more effective.

So let’s look at a few insights and ideas for rebuilding office culture in an era of hybrid work. Of course, we focus on rekindling the flame for office-based tech work. However, we also cover keeping remote or hybrid workers engaged when not in the office.

How Can We Improve Company Culture After COVID?

Improving Productivity is a Critical Reason for Fostering a Team-Based Culture

The technology industry continues to leverage modern organizational frameworks like DevOps to improve productivity. This approach relies on both strong collaboration and teamwork as well as automation to boost efficiency. It’s a concept that ultimately applies to office, hybrid, and remote working.

Strong and proactive management plays a crucial role in fostering this kind of company culture. Holding regular meetings in the office, over videoconferencing, or a mix of both definitely helps. It keeps entire project teams on the same page, ensuring everyone stays engaged no matter their location.

Strategies For Improving Culture in Hybrid or Remote Workforces

Notably, many tech employees want to stay working from home. Remember, companies requiring a full return to the office helped contribute to the Great Resignation. So any business focused on retaining their staff likely adopted at least a hybrid working approach.

In this scenario, it helps to understand the aspects of collaboration that work better in-person compared to over video. For example, some companies feel planning meetings are more productive when office-based, while status updates remain suitable for videoconferencing. So consider adopting this strategy if it make sense for your company.

If possible, provide a level of autonomy to your staff and team leads for scheduling office vs. remote work. This helps build a level of trust between your managers and employees. As always, track the overall productivity of entire teams as well as each employee. Use this information to adjust schedules as necessary to ensure project work gets completed on time.

A Cultural Focus on The Future, Not a Return to the Past

COVID-19 likely changed the business world in a permanent fashion. Take advantage of this transformation to build a company culture focused more on the future than the past. It remains the best way to attract and retain the talent your organization needs to thrive!

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