Top Ways to Boost Your Technology Talent Bench

Top Ways to Boost Your Technology Talent Bench

IT is a complex field using computers to develop, process, store and retrieve various types of data. IT specialists must be proficient in software development, network management, database administration and other areas. They provide services and support in enterprise systems, software and hardware, web resources and so much more. 

With such a significant role to fill, finding the right candidates for your technology department is critical, but where do you begin? We’ve crafted this handy guide to recruiting key players for your technology branch. Learn how to identify top talent for your IT department with these tips and recommendations.

3 Ways to Hire Top IT Talent

Whether incorporating technology into your hiring process or collaborating with an experienced IT staffing partner, numerous practices and strategies can help you recruit qualified IT candidates for your team.

1. Identify Rising Stars Internally

Before you start scouting around for new crew members, take the time to find potential within your current team. Determine your top performers with notable attributes, behaviors and strengths they bring to the workplace.

Remember, these can vary by department or organization. For instance, certain parts of the company might require innovation skills as the highest-ranking characteristic, while delivering results might be a priority for others.

Identify key traits that are vital to your company’s success — this can help you pinpoint your top internal IT talent. Seek out ways to cultivate these qualities in your entire staff, like delegating special projects or assignments to see how each employee approaches the task. Your top performers will likely demonstrate these essential qualities and consistently yield outstanding results.

These strong behaviors and characteristics can help you detect the “A” players in your workforce:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Communication skills
  • A positive attitude
  • Growth potential
  • Creativity or innovation
  • Decision-making skills
  • A strong work ethic
  • Commitment to your company’s mission and culture
  • Customer focus
3 Ways to Hire Top IT Talent

2. Boost Your External Search With Technology

Technology can’t replace valuable human interaction during the recruitment process. However, it’s an excellent way to streamline various administrative tasks, making it easier to find and build relationships with potential IT candidates. Here are some innovative ways to recruit new employees using technology:

  • Social media: Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be great ways to recruit chartered individuals. They allow you to identify and contact prospective candidates directly. Posting job openings on your company’s website and online career websites is a common option, but social media can be a more personal and powerful tool for recruiters to leverage, too.
  • Automation: Manually scheduling interviews with multiple candidates can be tedious and time-consuming. By automating tasks like scheduling and enabling candidate assessment sharing, you can minimize unnecessary startup labor and move through the recruitment process more efficiently. You can also use an applicant tracking system to collect, scan and organize thousands of resumes, saving and filtering out candidates depending on whether they meet the job requirements.
  • Feedback: Without automated technology, businesses must manually ask candidates to provide feedback regarding their experience. Then, someone must compile and analyze the data. If you’re looking for a simple way to measure your hiring efforts and implement actions to optimize the process, try automated surveys to gather valuable insights from candidates about the interview process.

3. Hire a Seasoned, Qualified IT Staffing Partner

Finally, consider working with a reputable IT staffing company to attract star players for your organization. Over 90% of companies use staffing agencies to outsource hiring and boarding responsibilities, find capable candidates, accelerate the recruitment process and note candidates for future positions if they don’t fit the current role.

An IT staffing partner can examine resumes, screen individuals, set up interviews and place candidates effectively for you. That way, you can concentrate your efforts on other business growth areas. This option can be particularly worthwhile for smaller organizations lacking the resources of full HR departments.

Below are some additional benefits of partnering with an IT staffing company:

  • Economical: Outsourcing hiring can save your business time, labor and money. You can skip the hassle of reviewing resumes, finding candidates and interviewing applicants. Hiring an IT staffing agency can reduce overhead costs and help you manage onboarding, payroll, workers’ compensation and benefits.
  • Customized services: These agencies typically work with prospective employees in specific industries, making it easier to find the top talent in your field. An IT staffing specialist will discuss your job requirements with you in detail, enabling maximum flexibility with the team size and project scope.
  • Networks of top talent: IT staffing companies have extensive networks of competent people in the industry. These networks are consistently thriving, and they often have pools of passive candidates they can refer to when finding the right individual for the role.
  • Specialized skills: An IT staffing partner can urgently hire candidates for specific roles and tasks. Additionally, they can find individuals for seasonal work when your company requires extra labor during busy seasons, or when you need employees proficient in particular IT skill sets. Should a candidate resign from a position prematurely, an IT staffing specialist can help replace them quickly.
  • Risk-free trial period: Generally, IT staffing agencies allow you a trial period to work with a new hire. New hire turnover can be costly for your business, and using a staffing company can minimize this risk. You may also benefit from trial-period workers by fulfilling short-term needs and specialized projects, helping you avoid full-time employee layoffs.
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