The Importance of Communication: Why Ghosting Candidates is Never Okay

Sometimes when your company posts an open position, your HR team gets inundated with a massive amount of candidates. Perusing résumés and vetting each applicant’s skills and experience requires a significant effort. However, your organization still needs to act in a professional manner throughout the entire staffing process.

This means maintaining a chain of communication with all of the candidates for an open position In short, never ghost any fellow professional. Over the long run, this approach has the potential to ruin your company’s reputation among job seekers. So let’s look more closely at this critical issue related to your company’s staffing process.

Why a Hiring Manager Should Never Ghost a Candidate

Ghosting Candidates Simply Damages Your Company Brand

According to recent data, the practice of companies ghosting candidates continues to rise. Many applicants feel they have a chance at an interview or an offer and stop hearing from businesses. In most cases, candidates report not hearing back from companies early in the job search process. Other times it might even take place after a job offer gets made.

No matter the specific scenario, expect word about ghosting to travel around the job-seeker grapevine quickly. It ultimately damages your company’s brand, causing future candidates to potentially avoid applying for other positions with your organization. When you quickly need to close a skills gap, your next staffing process might result in failure.

Notably, a recent study reveals that 77 percent of candidates feel a company’s hiring process reflects its corporate culture. So if a business ghosts applicants, many assume the company also provides a poor working environment. This is not the impression you want to make with any potential employee.

Automation has The Potential to Make Ghosting an Obsolete Practice

With state-of-the-art applicant tracking systems (ATS) handling communication with candidates, any excuses for ghosting dwindle. A top-shelf ATS automates this process, ensuring quick notification of applicants not chosen for interviews. Your HR team now gains the ability to focus its personalized communication on the top candidates. 

When searching for an ATS look for candidate relationship management features to manage your applicant communication. This prevents ghosting and any adverse effects to your company’s reputation due to that practice. Additionally, partnering with an experienced IT staffing agency optimizes your staffing process and makes ghosting irrelevant.

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