What Is an IT Staffing Company and How Can I Benefit? 

If you’re looking for qualified candidates to fill a particular role or join your company’s team, consider using an IT staffing company. Outsourcing the recruiting, staffing and hiring process will streamline finding the best candidates for a particular role. IT staffing services can find contract workers for shorter periods or onboard new team members to join your company. Ultimately, IT staffing agencies will save your company time and maximize revenue. 

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What Is an IT Staffing Company?

Finding the right IT staffing company can be difficult. IT staffing businesses mitigate common challenges to save your organization time and money, especially while it’s growing. Staffing companies quickly find expert IT staff for your enterprise. However, you should ensure you’re choosing the proper IT staffing services for your company’s needs. 

Rather than focusing on finding jobs for individuals, IT staffing companies typically strive to find employees for different businesses. Further, staffing agencies can speed up the hiring process and keep candidates in mind for future positions even if companies choose not to work with a particular applicant. 

IT staffing companies can come in various forms, including employment agencies, temp agencies, contingency agencies and executive or retained search firms. While employment agencies typically strive to hire long-term employees, temp agencies handle hiring temporary workers. On the other hand, a contingency agency gets paid whenever an employer hires a candidate. Finally, executive or retained search firms have a relationship with a certain employer. These IT staffing companies might encourage professionals to partner with a particular business. 

More than 90% of companies use staffing agencies. By working with a staffing agency, you can outsource the hiring and onboarding processes. IT staffing companies typically check resumes, screen candidates, schedule interviews and correctly place candidates within an organization. Rather than worrying about hiring and staffing, you can focus on how to grow your business. 

What Are IT Staffing Services? 

IT staffing services vary depending on your company’s goals. Staffing agencies can help your business with recruiting, hiring and staffing, outsourcing the process so you can concentrate on what matters most. Staffing often involves finding short-term hires to fill a particular need. Agencies recruit those actively looking for a job rather than passive job seekers who are already comfortable in their current roles. 

Hiring is slightly different from staffing in that it typically focuses on finding skilled workers for longer periods. Hiring agencies also might not retain the candidate pool. While hiring deals with both active and passive candidates, it leans toward finding active job seekers. On the other hand, recruiting approaches candidates with appropriate skill sets rather than discovering applicants for a particular, defined job role. Recruiting usually involves finding passive candidates. 

An IT Staffing Company Will Provide You With Personalized Service

What Are the Benefits of Working With an IT Staffing Agency? 

Working with IT staffing agencies can help you find the best candidates for the job quickly. An IT staffing company will provide you with personalized service with a network of qualified candidates and select the strongest ones for the position during the hiring process. Ultimately, your company will save time and money by streamlining hiring. 

Benefits of working with an IT staffing agency include: 

  • Time and money savings: IT staffing agencies can save your company time and money by outsourcing hiring. Your teams can divert their efforts to matters other than finding suitable candidates, reviewing resumes and interviewing applicants. IT staffing companies can manage these steps to minimize the time it takes to hire candidates, which saves you on money and labor. You’ll also save money by reducing overhead costs. Further, IT staffing companies can help you manage onboarding, payroll, benefits and workers’ compensation.
  • Personalized service: Working with a staffing agency will give you customized service and recruitment. Agencies will ask you what your IT requirements are while allowing for maximum flexibility with the project’s length and team size. IT staffing agencies will also ensure you can rapidly hire the right IT staff when you need them most. These businesses have typically worked with multiple industries, helping your company identify the proper candidates quickly with their proven expertise. They can also quickly replace candidates if they prematurely leave a position. 
  • Networks of qualified candidates: IT staffing agencies have extensive networks of qualified individuals. These companies have reservoirs of passive candidates they can tap into to find the best hire for your company’s needs, and their networks are continually growing.
  • A risk-free trial period: Many staffing agencies also allow you to work with a new hire for a trial period. Because new hire turnover is costly, you can reduce the risk of working with a new hire by using a staffing agency. On the other hand, you can benefit from trial-period workers by fulfilling short-term business needs and completing specialized projects, preventing you from laying off full-time employees.
  • Specialized skills and specific seasons: IT staffing companies can urgently hire candidates to fill specific needs. Further, staffing agencies help you hire people for seasonal work when you need more employees during particular times or need to hire workers with specialized skill sets. Specific skills you may be looking to hire workers for include network management, coding and communication services. 

Are IT Staffing Agencies Worth it? 

IT staffing agencies are especially worthwhile for smaller companies that might lack the resources of full HR departments. Further, you’ll have greater access to broader talent networks in your industry. Because IT staffing companies frequently work with potential employees in particular industries, you can identify the best hires in your field. 

Rather than either hiring short-term contractors or taking on long-term employees, you can partner with an IT staffing company to employ contract-to-hire services. A contract-to-hire structure permits potential full-time team members to try a role before assuming further responsibilities.

Your company can test a particular IT candidate for a specific task before hiring them as a complete employee. After the trial period, you can either employ the worker full time on payroll, continue working with the employee as a contractor or cease service with that particular individual. 

Build Your Team With Technology Partners

Build Your IT Team With Technology Partners

For nearly 30 years, Technology Partners has provided IT staffing services and personalized solutions to assist you in growing your company’s IT team. We’ll help you find candidates with the right skill sets to get the job done and fit into your company culture. Our team demonstrates proven solutions to maximize your resources and scale your company up or down. Contact us today to learn how we can boost your IT department! 

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